Micro USB Upgrade for Standard Flash Drive





Introduction: Micro USB Upgrade for Standard Flash Drive

Upgrade your old not cool and not mobile friendly flash drive to micro usb monster. :D

Step 1: Tools

Step 2: Opening

Step 3: Wiring, Soldering and Closing

This was easy, just grab some thin wires and solder them at the usb pinout, better would be solder them directly on chip but i was too lazy for that.

Edit: Added usb wiring, if you have cable with some weird colors use multimeter. ;)

Step 4: Finish

Now just close it, add some hot glue and use heat shrink tube for finalize.



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    looks very cool. well done.
    Having said that, I bought a small adapter that takes USB sticks and 2 sizes of SD cards and plugs into my phone for 1.99.
    For that price it is hard to beat :-)

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    could you post a link for this?

    This is the one. plugs in a phone with micro USB, takes USB stick, microSD and miniSD (or is mini SD the regular size nowadays? i kinda lost track).


    bought it at 'Action' a local thriftstore

    Added wiring scheme and picture how ugly it looks without heat shrink tube. :)

    The reason it won't work is because USB needs power and that port won't supply power to make it run as far as I know

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    And whats your point ? Every mobile phone which support usb host has 5v output on USB. ;)

    As far as i know, you need to enable usb host mode before connecring something...that means that has to be a pre-wire into OTG/HOST mode.

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    Work's like a charm on Samsun galaxy note 2, no needs for additional wiring

    Just to let you all know this won't work I have a better way of doing this without the need of soldering the device I use is USB port on both sides like connecting a USB to the wire without soldering sad to say I plug it into a android and it don't see the drive other wise I would have a 32GB port

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    Great idea, but this could use a little more, step by step, detailed written instructions, for those of us who are more technically challenged.

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    I will cut the heat shrink tube and open that again to update the lastest steps. ;)

    Add a keyring and its perfect.

    awesome could definitely be useful, maybe shorting the wire a bit might be a upgrade. maybe remove entirely.

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    Yeah, you can definitely solder micro usb cable directly on flash drive, but i had only this short usb otg.

    So cool! I'm sure this comes in handy instead of needing an adapter. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first instructable!

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    If you do respond to this comment so I can vote :)