This is my entry for the Stuff On A Stick contest. And yes I know that this doesnt involve food on a stick but it involves 2 things that can shoot sticks into food!!!
I saw something like this on instructables and thats what gave me the idea. If you made the toilet paper roll balloon sling-shot comment saying "I MADE THAT" so i can give you credit.

Mods welcome

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Ignore the image notes on this page

Step 1: Materiels

Things you need:
2 deflated water balloons ends removed
length 3/4in pvc pipe
bic pen tube
a really small rubberband
and a skewer or other ammo
you don't qualifie for stuff on a stick (not food not on a stick)
Actually it does if you look @ the strength test step you will see a grapefruit with a skewer in it so technicly that counts as a food on a stick.
got a point there
So, which one is more powerful? From the pictures, it looks like the super micro is more powerful. Thanks! :D
Well it all depends on what your shooting but over all the micro is more powerful because you can draw it back further than the super micro and domt forget to vote me up in the stuff on a stick contest. Thanks to you!

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