This is a new micro knex coaster that I made. It is called panic. It has three roller coaster elements which are a loop, a hill, and an in-line twist. I hope you enjoy it!
can you make instruction PLZ<br><br>post IT!!!!<br>
No point asking. Was taken down ages ago and it was horrible anyway
ok den
how were you able to get the in-line twist like that
by twisting the track... But ignore this coaster this is one of my bad ones...
but its still cool:)
It's a lot simpler than your other coasters; but for those of us new to building K'NEX, and just starting going beyond the kit instructions, these simple builds are a nice thing to try. Thanks.
Well this was one of my first so naturally it was horrible. :-P
i see in the picture you combined sets together
i made one of my own with a 3&quot; tall hill, 100 degree drop, perfect loop, and a corkscrew through the center of it<br>if i had pics of it i would post them on here<br>nice job though
thanks? Have you seen my newer ones... This is pathetic compared to them! :-D
copying screamin serpent haha :D nice coaster!
No. It was going to be larger but I lubed the cars which made them lose a lot of speed so I could only add a hill and an in-line twist.
ok but it looks many like screamin serpent
sweeeeeet, check mine out
I will.
instructions pleaes<br />
Sorry I took it down months ago.<br />
Sorry I took it down a while ago.<br />
I&nbsp;have a micro coaster set. Well 1 and a half really.&nbsp;I got the Hornt Swam for Chirstmas.
I've got serpent's spiral, dragon's drop, lava launcher, and loopin' lightning. <br />
&nbsp;COOOL! 5 stars! but its micro knex.... RAWR
What does RAWR mean?<br />
Its SOOOOO hard to explain. its kinda a joke in america. it doesnt spell out anything. it has many meanings so.... its really complicated, but you say it like:<br /> <br /> RAH - RR &nbsp; &nbsp;(rawr)<br />
wow! 5*
Thanks! :-)<br />
no problem!

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