This is my first instructable so I decided to start small; A micro knex gun that will fire the tiny green rods or BB pellets.

Can I just say to people that this gun is not meant to fire far or hurt - it is just a very lightweight and small stealth gun.

Step 1: Parts

you will need:

1 rubber band
1 yellow connector
2 white connectors
3 orange connectors(mine are dark brown)
1 grey connector
3 grey rods
2 yellow rods(mine are dark grey)
1 blue rod
Any form of projectile(I have 3 green and 1 black little rods)

Step 2: The Frame

don't even think about asking for writen instructions,any one can do this step!

Step 3: The Main Body

once again just build what you see in the picture.

Step 4: Other Parts

this is the pin and trigger

Step 5: Assembly

Push the body onto the frame.
Place the trigger on the left sticking out bit if you are firing from your left hand or on the right if you are using your right hand.
Then slide the white piece up the frame to hold the trigger in.

Step 6: Last Step

Pull the trigger to the side and slide the firing pin in the back of the gun.
Stretch the elastic band from one brown connector to the firing pin then to the other one.

Step 7: Loading and Firing

To load:
Pull the pin back and the trigger will fall in to place.
Put a green rod into the hole at the front of the gun.

To fire:
Rest the two yellow rods in the palm of your hand,lift the trigger with your tumb and the firing pin will hit the greenrod firing it silently out the end of the gun.

Step 8: My Next Gun

what do you think of my knex missile luancher
i put a yellow firing pin in and it it goes through the barrel
lame side trigger look at some of my guns<strong><em>true trigger</em></strong>s. look ate my newest gun. the skorpion smg.&nbsp;
look at the date
so, these were acceptable in 2007
i made this using micro knex and using an adapter added it as an under barrel attachment for my semi auto p90. shoots pretty far and with enough rubber bands does some actual damage. very nice build for what parts u had.
Can you have any other part besides the white connector because I only have one
i just need to see the bottom
this has gotta be the best knex bb gun ive made quick simple and strong 5/5
now that ive masterd this gun ive made modifacations to it ill upload it if you want and sent it to you
if you send I'll subscribe<br />
That comment was nearly TWO years ago! Its way gone Ive moved onto bigger and better stuff.
name 1 gun youve built but please show me any way<br />
So you want me to show you a gun&nbsp;I have made?
gee how did you figure that out<br />
look at my channel and you will see some.
channel???<br />
Click on my name and you will see.
ok ummm where does the frame meet to the body..plz respond ASAP
how can u be stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!
me to<br />
red is even more powerful but my elastic band wont take any more
i replaced the blue with a yellow 2x more power
its a bit blurred
how are you gonna kill the minis? make them then smash your precious knex?
very nice gun, I enjoyed making this. you have very good tutorials.
kill the minis kill the minis kill the minis kill the minis and mini wheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont get were to put the amo
not inovative!!!!1
may i recommend putting an extra white connector on the end by the firing pin? i tried it and it works so the pin isn't sliding out of the barrel when you cock it. Just a suggestion, Cartuner55
i knwo ti can be upgraded butthat would add more wieght
yeah, but, has anyone ever thought of extending the barrel to the extreme in order to use one of those heavy duty, huge, bad @$$ rubberbands? just think about that! p.s. i am awesome
you could but i use my heavy duty ban on my missile luancher
How strong are these guns aall50???
this one is not very
I plan to shoot thru paper will it do it??? plez reply 2 me!!!
no as you cant sharpen such a small rod
it if for use as a spare in war.
Picture in step 3, i mean
oh well soz
not another one:(
This picture doesn't match the rest.

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