Micro Knife





Introduction: Micro Knife

Built with just a bit of tin with a pair scissors, pliers, thumb tack, and some tag wire to seal the mechanism



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Questions & Answers


Love it! I've made hundreds of mini knives, swords, and other little stuff. I use lead free plumbing solder and hammer it out. I thought I was alone in my hobby. Lol

Nice to hear your technique, in fact I have earlier
used aluminium wire and a file to grind the blades. It would be real nice if
you could post your creations.

This knife has a kind of latch mechanism in the end. With a
tactically cut rubber tubing (not shown), serves as handle (grips) and acts as 2
springs, on pressing the edge of the latch, the blade opens too.

Stab someone's eye with it if they try to rob you?

awsome you should summit it to guinness world record