Hi all!
The small new instructable that I propose is a suction pump, liquid that I designed to meet a requirement, I've had a few times: it is necessary to collect small amounts of liquid in places a little rough.
I used the pump you need to spray the water in the glass before you operate the car windscreen wipers, and that has a range not excessive but enough (about 1 liter per minute).I recovered from a car in demolition.
Initially I thought about battery supply, but instead I opted for a power supply with an AC/DC 12v DC output.

Step 1: The Materials and the Construction

 First I closed by a tube folded and secured with wire one of two exits, since, as you know this type of pump has two outputs to feed both the crystals of the machine running now one now another depending on the polarity of the power supply.
After this I created the necessary holes in cylindrical container, then slid the pump already supplied its pipes.
I then sealed with a silicone product that I also partially filled the Interior of the container to prevent unwanted entries.

its like a whale pump
It would help if you would give a list of materials. Right now I am looking at pictures with 'things' of which i only clearly recognize the 9 v battery. The rest is guessing
Thanks for the comment, I will soon

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