Micro Mini Garden Shed





Introduction: Micro Mini Garden Shed

This inexpensive plastic box keeps essential garden tools where you need them. It's approximately 400mm x 300mm x 200mm (16" x 12" x 8"). The lid fits on tightly to keep rain out. We get almost 3 meters of rain per year and it has stayed water tight.

Step 1: Gather the Contents

Slug bait, gloves, fertilizer, seedling collars, weeder, pruner. I've added a container of derris dust and there is still plenty of room for other things.

Step 2: Drill Condensation Holes

I'm not sure if they are necessary but I drilled a few holes in the bottom to let condensation out.

Step 3: Place the Finished Shed in Your Garden

It hardly takes up any room, you can get an idea of its size by the plant tag in the background. It can get very windy here but the little box stays put.

Step 4: A Few Warnings

Remember, it is only watertight when the lid is on. I only needed to learn that lesson once. Don't think "I'll just be a minute, then I'll put the lid back on", it is easy to forget. A box of soggy slug bait is not much use.
UV rays can cause the plastic to become brittle. I was doing some weeding just behind my first plastic micro mini shed and leaned on the top. Whoops, it cracked. Luckily they are very cheap.



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... You forgot the firs step though. Go to walmart and buy a plastic tub.

I already had some on hand but it not, yes go buy a plastic tub. They are made from recycled plastic and are cheap and sometimes even cheaper on sale.