Picture of Micro (or mini) aircraft
A little, but little little, sail glider maked in 5 minutes

Step 1: First, draw it

Picture of First, draw it

The measures are approximate, need not be accurate.

Mi finger and the pen there are as a reference
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starfall6 years ago
err can u plz add a bit of details? i dont understand how to fold it.thx =D
rimar2000 (author)  starfall6 years ago
Error: can you please to write English? i dont understand your phrase. I speak Spanish, then I have to use Google translator. Therefore, you should write in proper English.
huh me? if so, can u explain to me how to fold it? i don't know how to fold the paper airplane thank you
When he said to speak proper english, he probably didnt want you to use slang words such as "u." Just pointing that out
rimar2000 (author)  freeza363 years ago
Yes, it is as you say. Consider I don't speak English.
rimar2000 (author)  starfall6 years ago
The objective of this Instructable is to make the people to think, to do and to experiment. That is much more funny than receive the answer.
Wikiman124 years ago
What are those diagonally slanted lines under the "right wing left wing" section?
rimar2000 (author)  Wikiman124 years ago
One (left of the image) is for provide a slot to support the wings. The other is the only way to cut the wings, without being separate from fuselage.

If you make the glider, you understand it. It is easier to do than explain.

Thanks for your comment.
so is this made of index card or regular printing paper?
rimar2000 (author)  saiyukiwarrior5 years ago
RPP (regular printing paper)
jhonny5 years ago
that is awesome

rimar2000 (author)  jhonny5 years ago
Thanks, Jhonny.
rohanbansal5 years ago

it  totaly  rocks !!! it  awsome .

rimar2000 (author)  rohanbansal5 years ago
sure  i  can  help  you  just  after  i  come  to  know  why  is  it  swirling
pgdarth956 years ago
awesome, im not a "pro member" so it was harder to get it right =( ...
but still awesome
rimar2000 (author)  pgdarth956 years ago
keno10006 years ago
i made your madel and it just swirls please can you help me
rimar2000 (author)  keno10006 years ago
You have to do it alignment and balancing, in that there can be no secrets. If I were near you, sure this is solved in 3 seconds. I start from the assumption that you have worked neatly.
Please provide a few more details: what connects the tail to the fuselage? Or, is it one continuous piece, twisted? is the fuselage folded lengthwise to make it more rigid? My attempts have failed. thanks- -m
rimar2000 (author)  mikemo656 years ago
The tail, as you can see in the drawing, is one piece with the fuselage. Only a bend puts it in its position. The fuselage don't need be so rigid, any paper 75 or 80 g it is sufficiently stiff. Consider that the total size is not greater than 5 or 6 cm. "Persevere and you will succeed". Howard Hughes was so.
skiller0k6 years ago
looks intersting :) i will make one in my spare time :)
acaz937 years ago
cool , it fits in my wallet , for sure .. But, what were the measures of the original Rectangle
rimar2000 (author)  acaz937 years ago
You choose the measures. "the measures are approximate, need not be accurate."
rimar2000 (author)  the gizmoman7 years ago
That is nicer than mine, but mine was designed by ME!!! ;)
Dipankar7 years ago
People sometimes ask very silly questions in their comments, I wonder Why? Is it to show their Superiority, or just to criticise in a nice way.
rimar2000 (author)  Dipankar7 years ago
I have noted that same thing in other instructables really notable and ingenious (not this case), that are objected for people that has been capable of contributing good nothing.
I have noticed that your bad English helps you to disguise your annoyance in a very subtle way. Did you get this?
rimar2000 (author)  Dipankar7 years ago
Sorry, I don't understand that you are saying. I understand the words, but not the idea. 1) When you say "you", ¿you refers to me, or that is a way to say "one"? 2) Why would one to disguise the annoyance? My personal email is rimar2000@gmail.com, if you like to answer there.
nice airplane...i want to make one now
rimar2000 (author)  metallicadued7 years ago
Do it with more care than I. I am no longer patient for things as meticulous as that. It will fly, I am sure.
i throw it,it spins help me fix!!!!!!!!!!!!
rimar2000 (author)  mega man 4bm7 years ago
I can't help you without seeing and analyzing your work. Each glider is different, you must have basic abilities of aeromodelling
Phoghat7 years ago
This is a really cool airplane. I made about 6 this AM.
rimar2000 (author)  Phoghat7 years ago
Tanks, I am happy for this. ¿What means "this AM"? (I do'nt speak English)
AM = Morning
Are You Yankin' my chain?
rimar2000 (author)  Phoghat7 years ago
Ohhhh... AM! Yes, I am 0.5 fool Yankin: don't do it difficult to me, have mercy
theRIAA7 years ago
im impressed, whats the glide ratio?
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