Its a hexapod robot, its only a few millimeters high and its made almost entirely from paper !

Each of the mechanized insect's legs are fully articulated and it has the capacity to move at speeds of up to 240 steps per minute.
Once built this robot can move sideways much like a crab and the legs have a synchronized walking pattern thanks to the mechanism which I will explain in the instructable.
Also, this little creature is so small you can store it in a match box or even at the bottom of your pocket and although it is pretty fiddly to make once you get the hang of making them you can make yourself a swarm of miniature, paper robots!
Furthermore,because this robot is made only from paper and salvaged electronic components your robot army can cost you virtually nothing !

this project is very reliant on the correct dimensions and precisely cut components because it is so small and if there is even a slight error in the measurements the robot is liable to jam and stop working. I have reduced this problem for you by providing a template for the pieces however, take care when cutting. Also I used a pair of regularly shaped gears which I found ,when I tried to test, to be susceptible to jamming and so I will also detail how to make this robot using a worm drive which, according to my walking experiments, will mean far smoother mechanized walking.

-paper clip
-4 sheets of A4 paper/ 2 sheets of A4 card
-small motor (can be taken from old RC helicopters or bought from here :http://www.active-robots.com/motors-wheels/small-geared-motors)
-Use two LR44 button batteries if you want your robot to be self contained. If you want to hold a 9V battery while the robot runs along the ground this gives a much faster speed but doesn't look so great.
-small worm gear to fit the diameter of your small motor and an 8mm diameter gear with 18 teeth
-40 small pins
- superglue
-mini switch

Step 1: The Blueprints and Templates

Print off the image of the different components onto either card or paper.
stick your card onto another sheet so it is double thickness, if you are doing this with paper you should make it 4 times the thickness.
now cut out the individual components and set them out as shown so that you don't get confused.
If you are doing the worm drive you don't need to worry about cutting out the ii) template because this will not be needed.
I used a sharp end of a paper clip to puncture holes in both the components. If you think you have cut these bits out inaccurately you should re-print and cut them because any distortion could lead to jamming.
Look at the top right hand corner to the thin shaped diagram, this will be the shape of your axle. Take a paper clip and bent it to this shape using a pair of pliers.
If any one is created it...plz add a video,how its made and how it works ..please its a request.
<p>where Can i get the gears???</p>
<p>well... you can buy them here </p><p><a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-08-Module-Steel-Pinion-Gear-19T-DT03-DT02-EP-1-10-RC-Car-Buggy-54629-/381331099198?hash=item58c91ace3e:g:hDcAAOSwgQ9Vpy1y" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-08-Module-Steel-Pin...</a></p><p>or if your like me and have many rc parts and old rc cars laying around then just salvage some from those.</p>
<p>very good instruct able I make mine with aluminum instead of paper it's petty awsome</p>
Can you please add a link to the template because the image of it seems to big when it is printed out
<p>I am going to make this. It seems that paper and card are such good materials for small toys like this. Eg. Even gears can be made of paper! People who like this may also be interested in this:</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx7nS7_Kf7E</p>
<p>What a small robot is that.... !!! </p>
<p>muito legal</p><p><br></p>
what size do I need to print the template onto? should it be A4 size, or half of an A4 sheet?
Loooove it!!!! Sooo gonna make 10/10
Dude that's insane
please add a video
I might design my own after trying out the design displayed here. It will help me understand how the process works.
Thanks for the idea for my next army!
Coooooolllll!!! How do you print the template?
VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!
How does it move? Can you demonstrate if it moves at all with a video?
Where is da video? Would be great to see it move around!
I built one of these and I think I screwed up the axle. When I turn the axle the plates move back and forth until they tear away from the base. Any advice on making the axle? I made sure all pieces were cut accurately and all holes in the right spot.
I believe this is the case, although the raised sections were only slightly higher that the diagram, I think it was enough to impede the turning of the axle. <br>I'm just not sure how to bend the paper clip to the exact proportions.
I keep having a look at this instructable every day, a video would make this instructable perfect!
the best instructable ever i have seen.awesome
This is so cool. One of the best instructables I have ever seen, and it gives me some great ideas.
Do you have any other similar creations (paper robots) that you could share?
Great job! I am in the process of building this. I would love to see a video and an example pic of the worm drive.
The template is not very precise... I ended up making my own based on your template...
This Needs A Video.
Great design, just wondering does this robot walk sideways or forward? because by the look of the steps I get an image of the robot walking sideways XD but anyways its a good and simple design!
This begs for a video of the final project.
I do not have much to do this sunday night so i got some parts out of my office and build it. it is a very amazing structure. Great job!
Nice work thanks :=)
So good ! congratulations !
Very cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing this project. Thin sheets of Styrene would make it stronger and more durable. You can buy them at hobby shops and craft supply shops. But I love that you made this mini-robot out of paper. I'm impressed!
That's cool
Love it so freaking awesome
Amazing!! It will be awesome if you insert a video of this creature in action.
this looks great, i'm going to stick the template onto some plasticard (sheet polystyrene) to make some sturdier little ones, could also let me downsize your design even more if i can find a small enough motor...
So freagin sweet!
A little complicated
That looks great! A video would be awesome <br>Thanks for sharing
I have an old broken rc helicopter and had been wondering what I could do with it. I'll have to build a couple of these! Great instructable!
I was hoping to see a video of it in action. <br> <br>Very cool idea though and nice construction!
Can we see it in action Please?
Very cute. Very cool. Very smart. I'd like to build these with a girl I like. Thank you!
Most obvious instructable ever to have a video. It looks awesome so stop teasing us!
nice :) <br>
Seen it, love it! great little project.
This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on Instructables. <br> <br>Any chance you could get some video for those of us without the gears to build one? :)
Oh, that's very cute - can we see it moving? <br>

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