Introduction: Microclimate.

Microclimate is a device which senses light, temperature, humidity, altitude, and pressure. It then transmits this data through the serial ports (RX, TX) and over BLE in JSON format. It uses the Genuino 101 as this has built in Bluetooth.

Step 1: Components.

  • Genuino 101.
  • RHT03 / DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.
  • 4 in 1 Sensor (3 in 1) light, altitude, and pressure sensor.
  • 10k resistor.

Step 2: Connecting the 4 in 1 Sensor.

  1. Connect SCL to analog 5.
  2. Connect SDA to analog 4.
  3. Connect VDD to 5V DC.
  4. Connect GROUND to ground.

Step 3: Connecting the RHT03/DHT22 Sensor.

  1. Connect pin 2 to digital 2.
  2. Connect pin 1 to 5V DC.
  3. Connect pin 4 to ground.
  4. Connect the 10k resistor to 5V DC and pin 2.

Step 4: The Code.



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    Nicely done, thanks for sharing! :)