Heart rate is a very vital health parameter that is directly related to the soundness of the human cardiovascular system. This project describes a technique of measuring the heart rate through a fingertip using a PIC microcontroller. While the heart is beating, it is actually pumping blood throughout the body, and that makes the blood volume inside the finger artery to change too. This fluctuation of blood can be detected through an optical sensing mechanism placed around the fingertip. The signal can be amplified further for the microcontroller to count the rate of fluctuation, which is actually the heart rate.

Update: For those who are interested to replicate this project, you can use Easy Pulse sensor that covers the complete sensor and instrumentation part. Easy Pulse is a photoplethysmography-based pulse sensor using a similar circuit as described in this project.

Also check out the Arduino version of this project here.

Step 1: Sensor assembly

The sensor unit consists of an infrared light-emitting-diode (IR LED) and a photo diode, placed side by side, and the fingertip is placed over the sensor assembly, as shown below. The IR LED transmits an infrared light into the fingertip, a part of which is reflected back from the blood inside the finger arteries. The photo diode senses the portion of the light that is reflected back. The intensity of reflected light depends upon the blood volume inside the fingertip. So, every time the heart beats the amount of reflected infrared light changes, which can be detected by the photo diode. With a high gain amplifier, this little alteration in the amplitude of the reflected light can be converted into a pulse.
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<p>Done it, it was my first bigger project, and maybe too hard for beginner. But code is working only on PIC16F628A, but not on a PIC16F628</p>
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<p>Hey i have a question have made the IR led at the sensor on/off(blinking) for few secs or just kept on ???</p>
<p>keep on, your blood pressure will &quot;imitate the blinking&quot;</p>
<p>what is the logic used to calculate heart rate ?</p>
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<p>Good Day Sir!</p><p>Can you give me the pcb layout of your project.??? :)</p><p>And the simulation of this project if you don't mind.</p><p>Hope to reply as soon as possible.</p><p>Thank You so MUCH.</p><p>GODBLESS. </p><p>This is my e-mail address. </p><p>skyweak0024@gmail.com</p>
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My heart beat sensor which is made by led and ldr ,detect movement of finger but not blood flow.so please help me.<br>From:shailesh<br>Email:shuklask8@gmail.com
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