Microcontroller measures heart rate through fingertip

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Picture of Microcontroller measures heart rate through fingertip

Heart rate is a very vital health parameter that is directly related to the soundness of the human cardiovascular system. This project describes a technique of measuring the heart rate through a fingertip using a PIC microcontroller. While the heart is beating, it is actually pumping blood throughout the body, and that makes the blood volume inside the finger artery to change too. This fluctuation of blood can be detected through an optical sensing mechanism placed around the fingertip. The signal can be amplified further for the microcontroller to count the rate of fluctuation, which is actually the heart rate.

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Step 1: Sensor assembly

Picture of Sensor assembly
The sensor unit consists of an infrared light-emitting-diode (IR LED) and a photo diode, placed side by side, and the fingertip is placed over the sensor assembly, as shown below. The IR LED transmits an infrared light into the fingertip, a part of which is reflected back from the blood inside the finger arteries. The photo diode senses the portion of the light that is reflected back. The intensity of reflected light depends upon the blood volume inside the fingertip. So, every time the heart beats the amount of reflected infrared light changes, which can be detected by the photo diode. With a high gain amplifier, this little alteration in the amplitude of the reflected light can be converted into a pulse.
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cooldharap1 month ago
working absolutely fine

i'm interested in building this one. Could you please mail me the necessary component details at

i'm interested in building this one. Could you please mail me the necessary component details at

NaimJ4 days ago

hello. I'm interested to this project and want to build one. can you share the list of the components and code for the programming. you can share through email if you don't mind. thank you.

ChandraaM6 days ago

Thanks a Lot... Please send Me the required Codes for the Project And the list of components even.... My e-mail :

zunne31228 days ago


I want to build this project for the college and the problem is that my programming skills are not best to finish this project . So can you please send me the source code and which wavelengths have the diodes



Sorrz for my English I'm from Germany

my email

komalbisale13 days ago

i need source code for this project..........please send me immediately..

aliumujib17 days ago
Could you please leave you email address in the description
ashrafh11 month ago

Please send me the coding for this project.. I really need it for my project.. Thanks

My email :

i wanna do this as my final year project.please help me out.please send me the details of the components and other details of the project email id

nchauhan51 month ago

i am looking forward to make this project as internship project to present in my college, so i would be very glad if you send me the details regarding the project and over all estimated cost of it, or anyone can help me regarding this project is welcomed . my email id is (

warm regards

could you please send me all the details and the PCB and components and the pic programming ? thank you

HY......are you working on same project ? what do you study ?

lordalvin0052 months ago

wow great project :)

can u pls send to my email the list of components needed also its values and specs. thank you


zrelli3 months ago

thank you for this great project...i'll try to make it

asefa074 months ago

hey, i have tried several times but failed to achieve this. can u please help me out?? can u please send me all the details with the program codes?

if possible please send me on


rizdayana4 months ago

can u send me this project to my email i love to try it. thanks! ASAP

kflores115 months ago

I tried to simulate the hex file in RealPic but I cant see any output. is there any other simulator that you can recommend? Thanks!

danyalr6 months ago

Can we use the same project to measure the bloodpressure as well? Kindly do respond as it s very urgent. Thankyou!

himanshu_33756 months ago

hey, i have tried several times but failed to achieve this. can u please help me out?? can u please send me all the details with the program codes?

if possible please send me on

Ramsha Asim6 months ago

ohkay.. so i made the above design but i want to use it ATMEGA MCU not PIC controller. Im giving the output to the ADC of the controller and it not working right.

Am i suppose to give the output of the conditioning circuit to the RX pin? Or to any other pin as a digital input?

Would you please guide me with that?

thank you :)

Can i get a components list for this project?
I ....
Can i get a components list for this project?
my email id is (
rajbex (author)  bhupender5111 year ago
Here's a revision of this project:
vesper990 rajbex7 months ago

hi sir i will finish the project but i have some problem the display read wrong number of pulses like 601 200 etc.....

please please help my about that

and thank you

vesper9907 months ago

hi please please help me for project the problem in the project some time get wrong display like 601 pulses on 7 segment and another 000 on the display please show me where the problem

thanks alot

azablan7 months ago

hi, can i make this project via stm32 micro-controller?

koruptx210 months ago
One question on diagram you write TO "a" , that means a from 7 segment display . and there are 2 "a" one is under the D1. nice project:)
koruptx210 months ago
Hi, what should i do to adapt this for an Arduino Uno
rajeev051111 months ago
can u please send me the list of components...
brancara11 months ago
What are the specifications of the ir diode and photo diode?
sde silva21 year ago
Hello, Can you help me with the BOQ of this project? I am going to do this for our mechatronic subject.
Thank you
rajbex (author)  sde silva21 year ago
See a revised version of this project over here:
rakesh4851 year ago
my mail id is
rakesh4851 year ago
plz mail me the complete detailed pdf as soon as possible, i want to do this as my mini project. plz help me...
vprinc31 year ago
I wanna do this project. Can you please give me a instruction of this project step by step or post this project step by step please...... I'm new here so I need your help.................
bkay hbo1 year ago
I want to do this project...can I have the list of materials / components and the document for this project?
email: thanks.
rajbex (author)  bkay hbo1 year ago
You can buy an assembled Easy Pulse sensor from here:
You can interface it with Arduino, PIC or any other microcontroller.
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