Step 4: Microduino Extension Modules

consequently, I designed a series of Microduino extension modules. Every Microduno module adapt uniformed UPin-27 pinout, and it's well configured across different modules, without any signal conflict.

it's very easy for designers to append various features in your design prototype and idea realization.

all modules are open source ! check eagle file at http://wiki.makermodule.com


The Microduino-Enc features an Ethernet port.
The Microduino-nRF24 enables wireless communication in 2.4GHz frequency.
The Microduino-SD features an SD card slot.
The Microduino-BM manages Li-ion battery operation.
The Microduino-BT is for bluetooth communication.
The Microduino-10DOF is for vector meter, which can be used in Robot and QuadCopter
The Microduino-RTC is a RTC module
The Microduino-LM4863 is a D-Class amplifier.
The Microduino-A3986 is a motor driver
The Microduino-NEO-6M is a GPS module
The Microduino-CC3000 is a Wifi module
The Microduino-[BT] is BLE shield