In this instructable I will try my best to show you how to take apart your mechanical pocket micrometer and clean and lubricate it. 

I bought this Starrett pocket micrometer at a garage sale for a US Dollar. 

I have other micrometers, but this one was designed to fit in your pocket. 

Step 1: Take It Apart

There's a rule of thumb, and that is that if it behind a rivet, it is not necessary to remove it to get it apart. There were only a few screws holding the entire assembly together. 

You should photodocument your steps. I am very sorry, I do not own a digital camera. I have to rely on my cellular phone camera. I wold love to get good macros, as I love macros, but I cannot afford a digital camera. 

The needle indicators pop off, upward. Be careful not to mar the dial face plate. You cannot hurt the mechanism by removing the needles. 

Pay attention to the spring tensions on your device. It will save you from having to guess and disassemble/reassemble like I had to do. I only decided to make this an instructable halfway through this so I do not have any taking it apart pics. 

This micrometer is very old, looking at the plastic dial cover. But Starrett is a great brand, and built very well. 

Something you should be aware of, and that is that you may be able to get 90% of it properly lubricated without taking it apart as far as I have. But, I am really anal about this sort of thing, so I took it all apart. 

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