Introduction: Microphone Clip for Saxophone

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A useable microphone clip would cost me more then the microphone itself, so I decided to make one. The mic is simply taped to the clip since I only will use it with a clip anyway.

Step 1: Material

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  • Clip (used for hanging boots)
  • Long thin screw or threaded rod
  • Compatible nuts

Step 2: Making

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  • Bend the rod/screw into an L shape
  • Replace the rod (just push it through and don't take apart the whole clip. They're really annoying to put back together)
  • Put everything together
  • Cut the screw/rod
  • Tape the mic to the rod

Step 3: Done

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It's simple but works great for me.


tomatoskins (author)2017-03-07

Often the simplest solution is the best! Thanks for sharing!

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