A pop filter is an anti-pop noise protection filter for microphones, typically used in a recording studio.
If you record sound at home then this instructable can help you make a really cheap pop filter.

It doen't matter if you record songs at home or like me do voice-overs for movies.

From time to time I make short movies and like to do the voice overs at home.
This pop filter comes in pretty handy. Especially because it's so easy and cheap to make, it's sure worth doing it.
Those professional ones in the store can be pretty expensive.

Step 1: Materials + Tools

As I mentioned before, it's really easy and cheap to make.

With these simple tools and some materials you'll be able to make one yourself.

- embroidery hoop 6"  (6 inches or 15cm, doesn't really matter, but this is a good size.)
- pantyhose
- steel coat hanger
- black tape
(optional, just to give it a nice look)

- scissors
- pliers

For the 6" embroidery hoop I payed about $2 dollars and $1 for the pantyhose. The black tape was something I had laying around and the steel coat hanger... well... lets just say I'm missing one from my closet now :)
<p>those are not pliers they are wire cutters. instead of tape just use a black coat hanger. very proffesional looking pop filter.</p>
<p>panie hoes and a coat hanger</p>
<p>made mine today, and it works great! I'm going to make another, but gonna buy a wire hanger that's already black. thanks for the tip again!</p>
Awesome! I had tried making 1 yesterday out of stockings, having gotten the idea from another article, but it was a disaster. Other ones i saw were too hard. This is perfect. Easy enough so i can do it, and it looks attractive too. <br><br>Question: how did u trim the edges of the stocking so neatly? I'd think that just cutting them, it would still look a little jagged. Did you tuck it some kind of way, or something like that?<br><br>Thanks! Great post
Do you use one layer of the thin part of the stocking, or do you try to double it up?
fantastic idea, and construction! what about a higher stand? maybe some wood would help? thanks! <br>
Nice job man... Thanks.
BRILLIANT!!! I was about to make one over the next couple of days and checked instructables for inspiration. i didnt even THINK of using an embroidery hoop! That looks amazing - needless to say, i know what im gonna do when making mine!!<br><br>Thanks for the inspiration!
I like it!
Many thanks. I am about to do some pod casting and was looking for one of these. I have the parts and look forward to now making one. Great instructable.
You're welcome! Have fun building yours!
very nicely done. i actually prefer nylon to the uber-expensive wire mesh filters that have been popping up on the market. kudos

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