Create a portable microphone insorisation in less than a minute!

What you need:

  • a mic with a holder (this one is the Blue Snowball, I think today is 70$ on Apple/Amazon)
  • an old pillow or a big sponge or anything that reduce the sound when you bring it near your ear
  • a cardboard box of a medium size (depending on the size of the mic + holder)

That's all you need. Now let's make the obvious ;)

Step 1: Create All the Stuff!

Take your pillow/sponge/whatever and put it into the cardboard box. Mine fits perfectly because I choose a box based on the size of my sponge.

Put the mic+holder into the box and close the sound-blocker material around the mic as possible. Plug the mic cable and you're ready to go!

I know it's not a big project but I needed a thing like that for a long time and I've tried different solutions, some of them were very tricky. This one is the most compact and ready-to-go I've built.

I hope this should help someone =)

<p>This is awesome! I'd love to hear audio samples of using it vs not using it. </p>
Ok added a very quick audio example, plus my animals plus my wife making noises.<br>Plus the material you choose to use make THE difference. This one cuts the high frequencies, other can block other frequencies so... good luck =)
Hehehe I made it for my wife that used it a second after I've post this project =P

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