In my searching for a better way to mount microphones on my keyboard percussion instruments, I found that I needed to also combat the noise coming from the instrument's frame. The transmitted thumps came across in amplification, and had to be eliminated. This is a sub-five dollar solution that works really well. The mounting post can be adapted for hand-held use, and extensions can be used that would allow the mount to be a good microphone boom for live recording applications.

Components -
1. 2-1/2" PVC conduit coupling
2. 1/2" PVC 45-degree conduit elbow
3. 1/2" PVC adapter (male)
4. 1/2" PVC adapter (female)
5. 1/2" x 12" PVC pipe or metal pipe segment
6. #64 rubber bands or hair bands

Tools / Supplies -
1. Drill
2. 3/4" spade bit
3. PVC cement
4. Dremel moto-tool or a file


Step 1: PVC Elbow

The PVC pieces are found at your local "big box hardware store" (I found my parts at the orange big box hardware store) in the electrical aisle. The 12" long pipe can be found in the plumbing section. The metal pipe is a pipe nipple and the PVC version of that pipe is a lawn sprinkler system riser.

Attach the male and female PVC adapters to the conduit elbow using PVC cement. Don't use too much cement. You just need to wet the conduit all the way around. Be sure to push them all the way on to the conduit.
Where can you buy a cheap microphone stand?
Apparently at Home Depot. :)
Thanks, but I meant a regular microphone stand.
<p>I used to use old floor lamp bases. antique ones work best. I had one with a marble and brass base- then I would git the mic and screw a dowel in the top to adjust for my height and stick the mic holder on that.</p>
radio shack isn't bad for straight stands. but any local music store should have something. or try <br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Straight-Boom-Microphone-Stand/">https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Straight-Boom-Microphone-Stand/</a><br/>
That is a very nice and affordable microphone holder. Now, how do you put power on a crazy far out job site? Would you suggest <a href="http://www.wholesalepowertools.com/generac">generac generators</a><br>?
I use Honda's ultra quiet generators.
Excellent and good idea for rebuilding mike stands that got broken due to exuberant children.
Keyboard percussion instruments? cool. I'm in percussion, and we always have a hard time "mic"ing the pit (without paying too much). This is cool. I will definitely print this off and give it to my instructor.

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