Microscope Geek Valentine




Introduction: Microscope Geek Valentine

Here is a Valentine's Day card for the lab geek in your life from Chemists to Materials Engineers and beyond.  This is a really quick and easy project with a printer and scrapbooking supplies. 

Materials needed:
Adhesive (tape or glue)
Paper cutter or scissors

Step 1: Find & Print Picture

Search for "Microscope Heart" and this picture should come up at http://www.visualphotos.com/image/2x2681361/broken_heart_under_microscope

Print out the Picture (Two per page for a quarter card, one per page for a half sheet card).  The example is a quarter sheet card and how to print two sheets per page is shown in a pictures.

Step 2:

Cut the picture out I used a paper cutter you can use scissors but the lines will not be as straight.

The picture on the card alone was boring so I added a boarder/frame.  

I taped/glued the picture onto the blue background and used one of the lines on the paper cutter to cut the frame out.

Step 3:

Glue the (framed) picture on the front of the card and write or print "I love you and all of your details!" on the inside.

I used a permanent marker but you could use scrap booking markers or any other pen. 

You could also print this off on the card if you wanted it to look nicer.  I wanted it to be personal so I hand wrote it.



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