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This is a simple, fun, and mostly harmless joke that you can play on people on April Fool's Day. It will (hopefully!) drive them crazy as the words that they are typing start to change into strange and bizarre new words and phrases. If you have access to someone's Word program on their computer then you are all set to go with this prank.

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With Microsoft Word open click on Tools -> AutoCorrect Options.

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On the AutoCorrect tab type in a word or phrase or name in the "Replace" field, and then put the new word, phrase, or name in the "With" field. In this example I am going to make it so that whenever Bob Anderson types in his name the AutoCorrect feature will give him a new title.

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Here is the final result. In the upper part of the picture Bob Anderson's name appears fine while he is typing it, but as soon as it puts anything after the last letter of his last name (be it a space, comma, period, etc.), Bob Anderson suddenly becomes Bob "King of the Office" Anderson.

You can do quite a bit with this little prank, just remember to keep it something very simple and harmless! You could, if you had the time, add in hundreds of words. But, that would be mean and a pain in the butt to fix, especially if you get caught and have to change it back yourself!


knexinventions 49 (author)2014-04-01

How do you make any word go to a certain word?

Doctor90250 (author)2014-02-22


www139 (author)2013-04-21

I tried it. it works I guess on mac and pc! cool!

AustinL97 (author)2012-04-16

This is funny

Oryctolagus habilis (author)2009-11-19

Great idea!  Can't you save custom dictionaries in Word?  I know that you can with the Autocomplete function on my smart phone.  It would speed up applying the prank -- if you only have access to the victim's computer for a few minutes -- & simplify cleaning up afterwards, if you could make a "replacement" dictionary with hundreds of substitutions. Then save the regular one & swap filenames.

You can have multiple dictionaries for spell-check, but autocorrect is a single feature that applies to all spelling in all documents.

bishopdante (author)2011-04-07

I've always hated microsoft word's meddling ways, this pretty much sums it up.

EG: Why does everything have to have a capital letter after a full stop?!

I had a call from an irate client a few years back who'd got a dose of word macro virus doom which did this to him in spades. Classic. He was going *crazy*.

Treknology (author)bishopdante2012-03-13

On the first tab of Autocorrect, turn off the option "Start every sentence with a Capital"

TN777 (author)2011-12-10

Funny prank, can you change it back to normal?

Treknology (author)TN7772012-03-13

By manually deleting all the offending entries.

TN777 (author)2011-12-10

To change it, do you put what you changed and type what it should say into the "change to" box? Just curous. Thanks to any one who can tell me.

Treknology (author)TN7772012-03-13

Yes, you have to manually enter the original text, and the altered text for every correction you want to implement.

Treknology (author)2012-03-13

If you did one or two of these, I may find it funny. Back in the DOS days when Word 4 & 5 introduced the autocorrect feature, I developed in that time txt-talk for higher speeds knowing that the autocorrect would fill out the words. This meant I achieved speeds of 120 wpm. In the windows version, you have to manually program each autocorrect, after culling all the junk ones that are pre-installed.

So one or two I would find funny. One or two hundred, someone would die.

TN777 (author)2011-12-11

Very clever.

evilmadcow (author)2011-07-09

why not you make each space say pickle?

patriots8888 (author)2011-01-30

my friend had to type up a report and i saw the first couple words so on his computer i made it so the computer gave him a death threat!

triton37 (author)patriots88882011-05-31

Ha ha,dats funneh.

dodo91 (author)2009-03-31

i made it so it looks like im talking to the computer!

knexguy92 (author)dodo912010-12-20

after i saw your comment i tried it too, and i convinced my friends that my computer was alive! lol. only one comment in over a year!!! happy christmas!

joeofloath (author)2010-04-29

A few years ago this was on every computer in school. Someone had coded a macro that changed it on every PC they loaded, so every time you wrote 'The' it became 'Banana'. Hilarity ensued.

Saturn V (author)2010-04-05

I have a "friend" who is on my bad side, and I'm goning to hack his school computer and msake his last name something I probably shouldn't post here.
SWEET REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danielemur (author)2010-03-30

i have done the same thing and it drove my family cra-z.

Robertwan (author)2009-06-29

I usually tend to change the word "the" to the word "pickle". Hilarity ensues.

jetsmiley123 (author)2009-03-24

how do you change that back to normal? really funny though 4/5

Mock26 (author)jetsmiley1232009-04-15

Just repeate the process again and type in the word(s) that you changed in the window where you made the changes just delete the info.

Dascooby (author)2009-03-31

For Mac just go to Tools-> Autocorrect

fwjs28 (author)2009-03-30

visual basic...enough said :P

dchall8 (author)2009-03-24

That is good.

drmjj55 (author)2009-03-23

very clever idea 3 stars!!!

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