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This project is a proof of concept to turn the Microview into a Heads Up Display for gamers to easily keep track of their CPU usage (on the right) and Ping speed(on the left). Currently it only uses the basic Microview sliders but soon I will update it and make it look smoother. For now this tutorial will show you how to open a port on Windows and Linux in order to send information to the Microview (or any Arduino) and parse the data sent through the COM port.

Step 1: Get the Code for the Microview (Arduino)

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Download to your Arduino IDE or upload to the Microview from your browser using the link below or it is also embedded below.

    Step 2: Time for the Software

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    Windows Users

    I will include both a ready to go compiled program as well as a Visual Basic Project. The program is pretty simple put in your port number if it differs from COM4 and check the GO box. If the MicroView is found everything should work, else it will crash and burn. Just reset and put in the correct COM port if the program dies.

    Download from below or check the i'ble attachments

    Linux/Mac Users

    Make sure python is installed before running script.

    First plug in MicroView

    Second in a terminal navigate to the folder with and

    Third use 'sh' in order to find MicroView port

    *if the step above does not end with ttyUSB0 then you MUST EDIT PYTHON SCRIPT check below

    Fourth if edit is not needed run python file 'python'

    * to edit the python file with the correct port open with a text editor such as gedit 'gedit'. Delete ttyUSB0 after the PORT variable and insert your port. try step 4 above.

    **NOTE: In the python script it will only retrieve and send cpu speed not ping.

    Step 3: You're Done

    Assuming you uploaded the sketch to your Microview/Arduino then just run the program on any windows machine and you should have an updated cpu/ping monitor. If you want a python script for linux/mac let me know and I'll include it here.


    T-virus (author)2015-07-17

    Hi, I found the code to get CPU temp, RAM values but I don't know how to make python send multiple data and display on MicroView. I don't know much about these stuffs. Can you help me?

    redryno1221 (author)T-virus2015-07-20

    Take a look at the file I attached above ''. At the bottom you'll see that I use serial.write() in order to send data through the serial port using Python.

    tzikis (author)2014-11-10

    Hey redryno1221, great instructable!

    I just wanted to let you know that you can also embed your codebender in your instructable on top of linking to it, which is much more awesome. I even made an instructable about how to do it.

    hint: i'm one of the guys in the team :)

    redryno1221 (author)tzikis2014-11-10

    I just saw that codebender

    redryno1221 (author)redryno12212014-11-10

    .. is embed-able earlier today. I'll update this I'ble later tonight. Thanks

    transforming vintage (author)2014-11-09

    Nice, I need to do this. I play LoL and it would come in handy to have a quick look to see my ping and CPU stats. Great job.

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