Step 7: Option Six

Picture of Option Six
Still too complicated for you? (sigh...) Okay then, just put some rice in a bowl, heat it up in the microwave, and then pour it into your mittens.

Sure the rice will be loose in your mitts and you'll probably loose some if you raise your hand to wave at a friend, but this is absolutely the fastest and easiest mitten warmer I can think of to keep your fingers from freezing when you are outside [http://www.themamasandthepapas.com/californiadreamin.ra" on a winter's day].
alix-cool4 years ago
Thanks for the great idea!
p.s. if you put some essential oil in it to make it smell nice would that work?
wrique (author)  alix-cool4 years ago
That's a very cool idea! Certainly worth trying.

I've only made these with Basmati rice, which is rather fragrant to begin with. Other rices just as Jasmine may be even more so.
bythepiece5 years ago
This is not what I thought it was.  Apparently you have to have mittens to put this in.  I thought it was a two-sided bag to put your hands into to warm them.  Also when you get old, sometimes you feet or hands just ache.  If you made 2 bigger ones and sewed them together on three sides you could slip your hands or feet into it and make a pair of each.  Thanks for the idea.