For those of us whose feet never seem to warm up until the dog days of summer, this project is for you!  (Or for a gift for your cold-footed friends!)  These easy to sew socks of fleece have a removable muslin insert filled with rice.  The whole sock can be microwaved, and the rice will hold the heat for a long time to bring welcome warmth to your lower extremities while you sit and relax.  In fact, I am sitting here, my feet basking in the warmth of these creations while I compose this tutorial (who would have believed it is snowing outside today, the 2nd day of March, in Atlanta, Georgia?).  The inserts can be removed when laundering the socks.

For this project, you will need:
  1/2 yard of fleece fabric for sock
  1/4 yard of muslin for insert
  approx. 3 cups of uncooked white rice
  small funnel
  small scoop or spoon


Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

To begin, cut out the required number of pieces from the fleece and muslin as directed from the attached patterns.  I wear a womens' size 9, which is what these patterns are based on.  If you copy each of the pattern pieces provided onto an 8-1/2 X 11" sheet of paper, they will be true to size.  Note that points A and B of the upper sock and toe patterns need to meet on the dotted lines, as they would not fit on one sheet of paper.  You can reduce or enlarge according to the size foot of the wearer by drawing an outline around the proper foot.  If you do this, be sure to lengthen or shorten the side of the sock accordingly.

Please note the horizontal lines drawn across the sole insert pattern.  You can mark these on your muslin pieces if you like or just use the pattern as a guide for sewing these lines later.  Also note the small section to be left open when joining the sole insert pieces.

ALSO NEEDED are two rectangular pieces of fleece measuring 6 X 11" for the cuffs of the socks.

hi there, those look like some nice comfortable and warm socks! im just wondering have you ever thought about selling them? I live in mid/northern BC, Canada and these would probably do really well up here!
Love your socks. I just love making socks so have to try this one.
Love these!&nbsp; OK, I&nbsp;live in Phoenix, and we have way more toasty sun than the, um, other kind of weather.&nbsp; But I&nbsp;know some skiers and other unfortunates who live in places with less salubrious climates, and I&nbsp;love giving gifts!&nbsp; Thanks for the great idea and really good 'structions!<br />
P.S.&nbsp; If you plan to walk in these socks (instead of, say, skate), paint lines or dots or squiggles on the bottom of the finished split sole with puffy paint.&nbsp; You'll get traction (read also, safety!).<br />

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