Microwave Canning. (Metal in the Microwave)





Introduction: Microwave Canning. (Metal in the Microwave)

This is my first Instructable, And still a work in progress.  The steps to preparing and putting glass canning jars with metal lids in the Microwave oven and create enough heat to sterilize and vacuum seal the jars. 



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    I have to point out that the moment you put your finger on the inside of the "sterilised" metal lid, it was no longer sterile.

    UPDATE: Well... it's been 5 years since I made this instructable and I am pleased to say that it is still a very successful way to preserve food. I have been using this method for my family, friends and coworkers and always rave reviews and no incidents reported. To the nay-sayers: Everything fails on a long enough timeline and I think there is enough success around the world doing this method of canning that maybe... just maybe you can let it go? And speaking science the great minds of the world used to think the world was flat too. Anyway, thanks for viewing and commenting.

    People may think that when they do improper canning and never had a problem then the canning is indeed safe. It is "safe" because you have done it only a limited number of times and you have been lucky. However, in this type forum, 1000's may try and some can become seriously ill or die based on your misinformation. Go where the science has lead us not by opinion. http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html. This is good advice when consulting sites like Pinterest as well.

    iv been using a microwave to preserve for the last 5 yrs after buying the book 5 minute Microwave bottling by isobel webb, an excellent little book, iv never had any problems following the instructions, never had any bad preserves either.

    I have heard it said that canning in the microwave is not safe. I would probably still go with more traditional canning methods using this same recipe.

    I think it would be fantastic! What a great idea.

    Great idea kahakura!

    May I suggested an improvement on this process: That you sterilize the jars and lids as part of the cooking process is great. Instead of screwing the lid on, leave it just sitting on top. Then, when you remove it from the microwave, overflow the jar with hot water, just boiled). Replace lid and screw down. This eliminates the possible danger of cooking with pressure in a glass container.

    Microwave preserving is described in detail at