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Introduction: Microwave Heating Pad

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I love these microwaveable heating pads.  The are great for soothing sore muscles, injuries and cramps, or just for warming up your bed before you go to sleep.  They are really easy and inexpensive to make and make great gifts!

Step 1: Picking Fabric

I use polar fleece for one side and cotton on the other side.  The fleece is thicker so that side of the heating pad is not as warm to the touch as the cotton side, which is nice, especially when it just comes out of the microwave and the cotton side might be a bit too hot for a few minutes.  Make sure the fabrics don't have any printed designs on them that have glitter or metallic paint.  I usually buy fabric in the remnants bin for these because you don't need really big pieces.
For this one, I used some pretty blue cotton and tan fleece.  Make sure you wash the fabric first!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Fabric

One of the great things about these things is that you can make them in any size and shape you want.  I made this one rectangular shaped but you can also make long, thin ones to wrap around your neck.
Cut out one rectangle each of cotton and fleece.

Step 3: Sew Two Sides Together

After cutting out a rectangle of cotton and a rectangle of fleece, pin them with right sides together and sew around the edges leaving about 1/4" inch seam allowance.  Make sure you leave an opening of a few inches so you can add the rice afterwards.  Then sew another seam about 1/8" inside the first seam.  Make sure you don't sew the opening though!

Step 4: Add Rice

Turn your newly sewn bag right side out using the hole you left in the seam.  My friend gave me some cheap rice she had left over that she wasn't going to use to fill this bag.  I've found it is easiest to just put the open side of the bag of rice inside the opening int he fabric and pour the rice in.

Step 5: Finish!

Once you have added the rice, sew the opening closed.  I always sew two seams to ensure none of the rice spills out.  And you're done!
Stick it in the microwave for a minute and stay warm!



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    2 Questions

    What are the measurements of the one in the photo?

    Is rice as good as wheat I have only ever used wheat


    I am sure it works great, I never thought of using rice. When I make mine I use field corn that you get at the feed store. Mine will smell like popcorn when it's heated up.

    2 replies

    Field corn is better to use than rice, there is more moisture in the corn than in rice and will hold heat longer, smells better too.

    Is field corn the same thing I would get at a feed store for animals? Whole corn of coarse.

    I would love to make one of these!! Does anyone have any suggestions on adding scents? Like essential oils? I don't want to make my microwave smell!

    1 reply

    Use 3 Cups of Flaxseed or Rice to One Cup of Dried Lavender then add 15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil . Fill a stuffed animal once all stuffing has been removed. This is a soothing aroma for young children to go to sleep with. You can also use the recipe for filling any type of socks or bags.

    This is a great Instructable, except for one thing: I do not recommend using the fleece. Because it gets hot, you run the risk of it getting hot enough to melt the synthetic fibers. I use 100% cotton flannel for all of mine.

    2 replies

    That's definitely good to keep in mind. I wouldn't have thought to use fleece, but I've seen many store-bought microwave heating pads made from the same material and I've never have a problem with mine melting, just don't heat it for longer than 3 minutes!

    You can use the fleece as an outer covering but not to put in the microwave oven. =)

    Great instructable. I have been making these for years out of old wash cloths or socks (clean socks that lost there partner) I love the idea of polar fleece. I never thought of using that. I will have to make one for grandma. Also flax seed works nice instead of rice. It does not smell after long use.

    1 reply

    I love using flax seeds but I think they cost more than rice, and I happened to have rice on hand. There have been some great suggestions of different ways to make these things in the comments!

    I love this idea! I need a specific size for placing on my (closed) eyes. Warm heat is the cure all for a sty on your eye! I would imagine one could throw it in the freezer for a cold compress also.

    Wow !! Thats really friendly and easy !! Thanks for the amazing share :)

    Heating Pad | Sabar Healthcare | Sabar India

    Yeah i agree with my friend using field corns, thats the way even i have prepared before !! It smells great..haha. and works great too..Fabrics do really enhance your Heating pad a lot !!
    Thanks for sharing the above insights :) 

    I used to do this with orphan socks.