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These made-in-the-microwave suckers are quick and so fun to make!  I also love the fact that they're cheap--less than 50 cents per batch to make.

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makes 12

1 cup granulated sugar
½ cup light corn syrup
Food coloring (we used orange and purple)
a few drops orange oil, if desired (or any other flavoring oil)
Sucker Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
Wax Paper
White Chocolate (candy melts, almond bark, or white chocolate chips)
Edible Eyes (can buy at craft stores, or whatever you want to use for eyes--choc chips, M&M's)

Lay out sucker sticks on a cookie sheet lined with foil (shiny side up) or lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Mix sugar and corn syrup in a medium microwave-safe bowl. Cover with plastic wrap.

Step 2:

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Microwae on high for 3 minutes 15 seconds. Remove from microwave, stir with a clean spoon, cover with a new piece of plastic wrap and microwave for another 3 minutes 15 seconds.

Step 3:

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Remove from microwave and mix in any food coloring/flavoring oils that you want. Pour 1 tablespoon of hot mixture on top of each sucker stick. Let set completely (about 2 minutes). Remove from pan and you're ready to decorate!

Step 4:

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Lay suckers out on wax paper. Microwave white chocolate in microwave safe bowl at 30-second intervals, stirring after each until melted. Using a small spoon, drizzle melted chocolate over the suckers.

Step 5:

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Add edible eyes (or chocolate chips, or M & M's...whatever you want to use for eyes). Remove from wax paper and set on a CLEAN sheet of wax paper (so you can get rid of the excess drizzles). Let set compeltely, about 10 minutes, before serving.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-10-26

That is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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