Microwave Popcorn: Home made, cheap and easy


Step 2: Things are really popping now!

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Fold the bag over once and staple twice. Contrary to popular belief, the staples will not spark in the microwave. Gently shake the contents to mix and press out the air. Set on it's back in the microwave and cook until the pops get about 3 to 5 seconds apart.
How do you make Kettle Corn in this fashion?
For kettle corn, after the corn is popped immediately sprinkle in about 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar. re-fold bag and shake vigorously. if not sweet enough add a bit more sugar and nuke for 30 seconds longer and shake again. Enjoy.
nav_lexy5 years ago
I logged in to give you 5 stars. So does butter work instead of the olive oil? I would give it a try but no paper bags...
This is such a good sensible recipe! My only concern is for the staples - I managed to destroy my elderly microwave rather dramatically trying to soften some thickened chocolateandnut spread in it; I thought there wasn't any silver foil sealer left on the rim of the pot when there was, and it sparked about quite a bit. (I was afraid the butter knife would snap off in the hard spread.) The next day there was a very impressive Northern Lights show in the oven (the whole oven area was full of undulating blue light curtains) and a loud and scary electronic hum - it also stopped microwaving. An expensive and silly mistake - better not include metallic objects, on the whole! On the other hand, it was all very electronic and exciting looking when it all went wrong - just not very useful as a domestic cooking appliance. If you want a bit of Doctor Who kit in your kitchen, go for it, but don't expect the show to last very long!
Why won't the staple sparks? I though any metal object cannot be placed into a microwave machine? Anyone have answer to that?
Contrary to popular belief, you can put metal inside a microwave. I've even tried putting a sheet of metal under and over a strip of meat to make it crisp (I'm not recommending it; the meat did become crisp, the rest of dish remained lukewarm and related or not, the oven broke a week after warranty ran out). Metals reflect the microwaves back to the oven (eventually bouncing back to the magnetron or whatever it is called which produces the microwave radiation), heating it (and possibly overheating it), as well as starting to resonate and heat up. Thin objects such as the paper clip of mf70, forks and such heat up faster than spoons and sheets of metal. Metal objects can also create an arc if they get close enough to another metal object. This works even with the oven walls, which are metallic to reflect the microwave radiation back into the wood. And unlike lightning, the arc is sustained, because as long as the oven is on more electricity is produced to contain the arc. This will damage the oven. And if the metal object reflects enough of the radiation, it can create a standing wave which will eventually wear out the oven itself.
mf708 years ago
Maybe staples won't but I swear that a paperclip WILL turn bright orange and ignite the bag. Guess how I know.
lol I thought I was the only one to have "opps" moments like that :)
wow iv been doing this since i was in highschool when some girl showed me how to do it with our school microwave im so glad someone put it out there!!! one thing... if you dont have a stapler You can just Tape the Bag down and also YOU DONT NEED ANY OIL!!! the popcorn will pop regardless (and tastes mighty fine and fluffy) also i never measure, what i do is just fill the bottom of the bag in one layer and then fold it back to its normal flat shape. all the same Rock on so cool that you posted this so people can stop buying instant popcorn! also dont think of the bag as a single use (esp if your not putting oil in) you can use it to make bag after bag of yummy popcorn
gragegrl8 years ago
This is fantastic! I tried it just like instructed and it worked great. Popped almost all the kernals and it tastes great! No sparks!