Microwave Transformer Fun





Introduction: Microwave Transformer Fun

Warning I take no responsibility for any injuries obtained.
You are doing this at your own risk.
This is to give you the basic idea of wiring for a transformer.

I Will Be using a Microwave transformer.

Step 1:

You Need to find your self a transformer.
My choice is a Microwave tranformer.
You Will also need some tape, wire, switch, fuse and a wall plug
The  switch sould be able to take 10amps at 240 AC.
These can all be found in a microwave.

Step 2: Primary Coil Connection

Stat wiring Need to wire the phase wire from the plug to the switch and the neutral to the fuse.
These wires will now go to the Primary coil of the transformer.

Step 3: Secondary Connection

Now we needt to conect the Eath conection from the wall plug to the base for the transformer, We will add a secound cable from the base of the transfomer, This will act as the common Neutral for the high voltage side.
Now we  will add a connection for the phase of of HV side.

Step 4: Have Fun

Turn On the Switchs and you will hear a slight hum, Good sign now get the to Hv wires and touch them together to draw an arc if this works well done.



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Brother the instructions weren't done well at all. Thanks, absolutely, for sharing.....but it was more like a poorly written "run through", especially knowing that the careless or improper use of these can kill.

Aggreed, the poor spelling makes it barely understandable, instructiuns are extremely unclear, like if it was written by a child. This shouldn't be on this site, given high voltage is a very serious business.

I'd love to see this instructable in a rewritten, much more detailed and extended version though, don't misunderstand me.

"If this works well done" ???

Wat Switch that you use

"We will add a secound cable from the base of the transfomer,".. Where does that one go? To Earth/ground in your home / the wall plug or where?

Fun for the whole family! coroner, undertaker, gravedigger, toetag printer, embalmer, hearse driver. Oh,and everyone be sure to  sign the guestbook at the viewing of the body. I screwed around with a neon transformer 20 yrs ago, just be more than careful. It's like a loaded gun. One false move and pow!

Thanks for the advice

Yes it can be fun but they need to be careful, if they are beginners and have access to a Power Pack 12VAC would be a better choice than 240VAC

So if I hook my MOT up to a 12 VAC supply, it will be a lot safer? I think this is just as dangerous, because I calculated my transformer that has 4KV output when 120 is connected, that at 20 VAC, it would still put out 640 volts.