Introduction: Microwave a Grape to Make a Light Show

hello. this is my first instructable. I will show what will happen when a grape is placed in the microwave.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

You need:
1 microwave-safe plate. any will do.
1 grape

Cut the grape almost in half, so a tiny bit of skin connects the two halfs. place like so.

Step 2: Microwave the Thing

well, you pretty much put the thing in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. as soon as the Grapes blow apart, stop the microwave.

this is a picture VVVVV

Step 3: The After-math

the sparks will eventualy blow apart the Grape halfs. this is what it look lie afterwords. a better description w/ pictures is at

I am not responsable for personal injury, property damage, ect..


mewantbigboom (author)2006-11-04

i love to do this!!! (how the heck do grapes turn to plasma?)

tanmanknex (author)mewantbigboom2009-09-11

If anyone knows for sure correct me, but I think it's the electrolytes In the grape.

dodo91 (author)2009-02-27

add pictures or a video

i make shooting things (author)2007-01-16

hey i made a instructable on this two (srry didnt see yours) mine

heh, nice video. pretty neat trick.

Spedy (author)2006-10-25

yah, gonna get grapes soon. will put pictures.

ewilhelm (author)2006-10-25

Please republish when you have pictures.

padfoot447 (author)2006-10-25

I've done this myself, its kindof cool. Could you do this yourself and post up the pictures please? Pictures are worth 1000 words.

trebuchet03 (author)2006-10-24

mmm... Plasma... Not liking how the images were ripped from that website though :/

Spedy (author)trebuchet032006-10-24

oh. sorry. I didn't have any grapes and wanted pictures to show it's coolness.. mabey I should remove the pictures...

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