Microwave Omelette.





Introduction: Microwave Omelette.

Many instructables teach how to cook eggs using microwaves ovens, but I feel proud about this method I elaborated when I was a student.

Its advantages are:
                                           -It's fast.
                                           -eggs are cheap.
                                           -It's simple and fat less.
                                           -It's delicious and you cant improvise recipes.
                                           -you will only have to wash a plate and a fork.

Step 1: Ingredients:

-Eggs (yes, eggs....)
-a soup plate
-a fork
-any other ingredients you may wish to mix into your omelette (onions, green peppers, ham dices, cheese, capers,...)
-clear plastic wrap.

Step 2: Make Your Omelette

break the eggs, add salt and pepper (and whatever you want to add.....)

beat the eggs and wrap the plate inside clear plastic wrap.

Step 3: Heat It!

3 minutes on medium power seems enough for 3 to 4 eggs....the plastic wrap should inflate and make a comical dome over the plate.
the dome will flatten in seconds as soon as it is removed from the oven, so wait a little, as it is steam and STEAM IS VERY HOT!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Omelette

I like this texture and I can eat several on one single day, as a snack or as a complete dish.....

but have your daily vegetables and fruit portion!

for more info about egg nutrition facts, follow this link.

Thanks for reading, eat less and better!!!!



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hehehehe..the last time i microwaved eggs (scrambled) they exploded in my face (twice!) with a noise like a gunshot!

what? o_O you cooked then in the shell?

I keep meaning to try something like this.. but I sooooo like the soft texture of pan cooked scrambled eggs