Microwave Oven Transformer Welder.





Introduction: Microwave Oven Transformer Welder.

There's already a great instructable for how to build this here

But I thought I'd post some pictures of what my friend and I came up with as our finished product, and just show off a little.

The picture quality is likely on the "eh" side, I'll get some new ones with a camera that isn't my cellphone soon. It works though. That silver dot in the last picture is a hole I filled in a bar of 1/4" steel with some 1/16" 6013 welding rod I picked up at Harbor Freight for 5 bucks. It welds pretty nice actually.



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    I'm in the process of dismantling a micro-wave right now. I've stoped for a lilttle while to be sure I'm doing a safe work of dismantling the electronics inside. I haven't shorted the potentially lethal capacitor yet. Good job! I'll be done soon though!

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    When we were dismantling our ovens, we got all geared up to short the caps and... nothing happened. I was most displeased.

    Most newer ovens come with a resistor screwed to the frame so the capacitor discharges... but sometimes this fails... and one time I got a nice melted/burnt dot on a screwdriver :P better to make sure!!!

    Better this than not being geared and having something blow up in our face :P The capacitor CAN hold a charge for a long time, but that doesn't mean it will absolutely I guess..

    nice setup I've been wanting to do this instructable too. just don't have the time. did you put the transformers in a chest?

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    It's an old Soviet rocket box. I'm actually on the lookout for a new enclosure, as this one has dry rot.

    Soviet rocket box! Hell yeah! :D

    how about using one of the old microwaves? that would be kinda cool unless its in pieces beyond repair?

    That's... actually not a bad idea. I'll have to see if we can put the old radarange together. I'm thinking of something a little less huge though. Have to see what turns up.

    yea i guess easy transport would be nice.. if you do find some thing cool to house it in let me know. good luck.

    definitely, I plan to add photos to this if we change anything.