A simple pet food dish that will mount on the side of a wire or mesh cage - handy for rodents and birds if you need a dish in a hurry and you're between pay days.
All you'll need is the small plastic bowl from one of those cheap microwave puddings, a small bolt with 2 matching nuts and the cap from a soda bottle
The photos are taken on a piece of wire mesh I had handy -  the rat in the cage was still new to the house and just starting to settle in. Because of the size of the spaces between wire, I used a wooden disc from a hole cutter to cover the bigger gaps

My first ible, so feedback would be most welcome

Step 1: Collect the Parts

Okay, you've got your pet fuzzlet (rat) sitting in the cage, looking at you as if to say "where's the food?". So, collect the plastic tub from a single serve microwave pudding (they seem to come in packs of 2 for $2 at discount stores here in Australia). Finish off your 600ml soda, pop the bottle in the recycling and keep the lid. You also need a thin bolt about an inch (2.5cm) long and 2 matching nuts. If the space between the bars on your cage is bigger than a soda bottle lid, grab a piece of plastic off-cut that's big enough. You may want to grab a small screw driver and possibly a pair of needle nose pliers.
You could use the end of a tin can instead of the wooden disc. Just cut it with a safety can opener.
<p>yeah, anything that's handy and safe for the rats, really</p>

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