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Most of the methods I've seen posted on the web for microwaving bacon have problems.

The "plate and paper towel" method only works for a very few pieces because the paper towels get saturated and you end up in effect frying the bacon in it's own grease, which pops and makes a mess in the microwave. I also found that the paper towels get glued to the bacon so badly you can't get it off, so you either toss the affected part or eat the paper.

So, I looked at the commercially-available gadgets (cost around $14 and up) and realized that all you need is something that's microwave-safe and that can hold the bacon up out of it's own grease. Duh!

Looking around the kitchen I found a Pyrex bowl and thought "a-HA!"

So here you have it. I cooked a whole pound of bacon at once and it turned out great!

(BTW this is my first Instructable. Hope you like it.)

Step 1:

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You'll need a microwave-safe bowl (mine's Pyrex), plate, and bacon!

The bowl sides need to be high enough to hold the bacon up out of it's own grease when it starts to shrink.

The plate needs to be larger than the bowl in diameter so it'll catch the grease dripping off the bacon.
ar19dir22 days ago

This did work for the me. I need to use a bigger plate under the bowl next time. It was a little scary though, a lot of popping. I did remove the bacon from the bowl and I put it on paper towels and microwaved it for a minute more. This was a great method to get the pure bacon fat to save for future cooking. It didn't need straining.

inkspot09910 months ago

My G.E. microwave oven looks pretty similar. That's a pretty typical design since it mounts under and between cabinets over the regular kitchen stove. Because it's back is against the wall it needs to circulate cooling air through the front.

I want to know, what kindda microwave is that? Big fins on top. Tell me that's a classic :))
dalston12 years ago
Awesome. Tried it with a Coke glass and a half pound of bacon. 10 minutes and the microwave only needed a light wipe down. Thanks.
pcounterman2 years ago
This is a great idea. I have always hated frying it, what a mess, or microwaving it in small batches. To avoid the splatter in the microwave I put a paper towel over the bacon bowl and microwaved away. Thanks DconBluZ for this great tip.
Definitely different and I can see how it does a better job, but my microwave would be a mess to clean out.
Genius in it's simplicity! As far as hardened grease goes, put back in the nuker for a minute or few. "Ta-dah!" Good 'ible.
rocklocker3 years ago
Great idea. As far as using bacon fat I have a buddy in Kansas who stated that they used it on bread and such all the time (couldn't afford butter). A few people said this was gross but he said it tasted better than butter and had the same fat content and type. I save all my bacon grease for cooking and as a condiment. When i get too much I use it as a fire starter in my back yard fire ring.
TheCritic3 years ago
Gotta love it. Thanks for the tip
ClayOgre4 years ago
I save all my bacon grease for cooking stuff later. Great to saute onions in for things like chili, etc. I also found something that at first might seem a bit gross. I came across something called schmaltz brod, which is a German thing. You put something like bacon drippings on bread and eat it. Quite yummy. I also tried spreading a small amount of bacon fat on soda crackers...pretty tasty too (but don't tell my wife, she'd be after me about the cholesterol).
DconBlueZ (author)  ClayOgre4 years ago
Thanks for the note. I've been looking up ways to clarify and save bacon grease, will probably start doing so with my next batch. I love to fry eggs in it.
xtroublex6 years ago
Well done! (pun intended) I actually went out and bought a specific microwave dish for cooking bacon. Wish I would have read this first. Would have saved $20!
Vertigo6666 years ago
At Cousins, we just throw the bacon onto a sheet of wax paper- does make a mess, but works wonderfully.
DconBlueZ (author)  Vertigo6666 years ago
The wax paper doesn't cause problems? Hmmm, I may try that one myself - don't think it'd work well for a pound of bacon but for 2-3 pieces it might be just the ticket. Thanks!
It leaves a film of grease underneath, that's easily cleaned up with a paper towel or a rag. I've done up to 12 pieces at once (that's enough for 2 subs)
Great find! I've been looking for a quicker way of cooking bacon. I've tried a lot of stuff. frying, in the oven on a cooky cooling rack, It's all messy. This looks like the best way yet. Thanks!
Raw bacon is actually pretty good. But still this is a great idea, thanks for the tip.
lemonie6 years ago
The bacon looks good - great method. L
PickPacket6 years ago
Excellent innovation!
ve2vfd6 years ago
Holy cow thats a great idea!!! I usually do the paper towel method but this looks a LOT easier!
ycc21066 years ago
Cool! I'll have a try