Microwaved CD Candle Holder





Introduction: Microwaved CD Candle Holder

Everyone loves microwaving CD's and watching the nifty light show that ensues. Here's another excuse to do it.

I know this is kind of a dumb and easy instructable, but it's kind of fun, and it was a cheap way for me to decorate my apartment.

Step 1: Materials

A pillar candle
An old CD
A microwave

I've found that you can get really cheap candles at dollar stores and grocery outlets.

Step 2: Let's Make It!

1. Put the CD in your microwave.
2. Set it for 5 seconds and press start.
3. Watch the cool light show and be easily amused.
4. Take the CD out and put a candle on top of it

That's it! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Microwaving CD's is probably not good for your health or your microwave. Everyone does it anyway though. I'm not responsible for anything bad that happens.

Also, hot wax could probably melt a CD. Never leave a burning candle unattended.



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    Just did an instructsble to glue a piece of PVC pipe to the center of a CD to make a candle holder

    DVDs make a lightning pattern!

    It really looks nice! I worry that my microwave would blow up. anyway, I think you did a great job on your Instructable. I like simplicity. The best kind of Instructables!

    haha haha  very good,  BECAUSE  the micro waves mm.. crushes on to the metals... and then jump ... that not happens to organic things such food.    you coul have you microwave broken.... not working...

    Does this hurt the microwave!

    Not dumb at all! I'm going to make one right now. Thanks!

    Strange as this may sound, I've never seen what a microwaved CD looks like before this instructible. :)

    I was gonna make a similar Instructable with just a regular CD candle holder. Since you beat me to it, I'll just put it here: 1. Put CD on table. 2. Put candle on CD.