A quick and easy way to make eggs for breakfast

Step 1: Materials

Microwave safe bowl

Step 2: Crack Egg

Crack egg into bowl. Make sure there are no shells in egg whites or yolks

Step 3: Mix Egg

Mix egg white and yolk together thoroughly with fork

Step 4: Microwave

Put egg in the microwave for 1 minute taking out occasionally so it doesn't overheat and explode.

Step 5: Take Egg Out

Take the egg out of the microwave when it is finished

Step 6: Enjoy

Enjoy your microwaved egg!
<p>Try to add a little olive oil and a bit of cheese when mix the yolk and clear. </p>
Nasty looking. But delicious!
Sry the o was supposed to go under the dots &gt;&lt;
Wow! &bull; &bull;<br> O<br><br>I never thought sticking eggs in a microwave would work without exploding! Thanks for sharing!
<p>Thanks for sharing this!</p>

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