As an Apparel Designer, my confidence in furniture building was initially rather low. When I started looking at flat pack and laser cut furniture, I realized that it wasn't as intimidating as I originally though. Essentially, laser cut furniture was a series of flat patterns that fit together. If you can make a dress, you can build a dresser.

Step 1: Visual Research: Create a Reference Board

I find it particularly useful to find examples of what other people have done to accomplish similar projects. Going into it with a blank canvas and no visuals can be overwhelming and disorienting. You'll get better results learning from other people's successes than you will going at it from zero.

Pinterest is one way you can create a Reference Board for your own visual research. Here's an example of my board for this project. I like to consider a few things when making a Reference Board:

- Aesthetics (How it looks and how that looks creates impact.)

- Construction Details (How the materials come together.)

- Processes (How the object was made, using what kinds of tools, and to what level of involvement.)

It also helps to set goals for projects. For this project, my goal was:

- To make a set of drawers that I could use as storage.

- Build a piece of furniture using Plywood, the Laser Cutter, and Solidworks. This was a personal learning objective for me. It also set up some design parameters.

- Keep it simple. I wasn't trying to prove that I was a masterful woodworker. I wanted to make a simple piece of furniture that matched a function and aesthetic that was desireable to me.

Wow! Great job! Now this is what I consider GREAT THERAPY. Can't wait to see your next project.
<p>It looks really nice :) This is a fun modern take on it!</p>
<p>Thanks @Swansong. :-D Glad you've enjoyed it!</p>

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