Mid-centery make over on some old kitchen chairs

Picture of Mid-centery make over on some old kitchen chairs
We found some kitchen chairs for $10 on craiglist and wanted to give them a make over with some flare.  

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Step 1: Sanding the chairs

Picture of Sanding the chairs
2013-10-11 15.30.24.jpg
The chairs were pretty beat up some sanding was the first step.  100 grid paper then 220.

Step 2: Priming the chairs

Picture of Priming the chairs
2013-10-14 12.20.41.jpg
2013-10-14 15.45.51.jpg
I drilled a screw in the bottom of the chair and hung them with Romex wire to get a smooth coat of primer.  Then I used 220 again before i sprayed them with spray paint from Lowes. ( It would have been better to have hang them threw the screw holes already in the chairs)

Step 3: Lacer chairs

Picture of Lacer chairs
2013-10-24 14.46.06.jpg
  I used a water based lacer to seal the chairs and help then become a bit more durable.  I did three light coats.

Step 4: Finally step

Picture of Finally step
2013-10-25 13.42.47.jpg
2013-10-25 13.43.10.jpg
After the chairs had dryer overnight we screwed the bases back in and brought then back inside.  

ckoehler19049 months ago
Beautiful job. Shows what careful planning, "elbow grease" and paint can do!