We found some kitchen chairs for $10 on craiglist and wanted to give them a make over with some flare.  

Step 1: Sanding the Chairs

The chairs were pretty beat up some sanding was the first step.  100 grid paper then 220.

Step 2: Priming the Chairs

I drilled a screw in the bottom of the chair and hung them with Romex wire to get a smooth coat of primer.  Then I used 220 again before i sprayed them with spray paint from Lowes. ( It would have been better to have hang them threw the screw holes already in the chairs)

Step 3: Lacer Chairs

  I used a water based lacer to seal the chairs and help then become a bit more durable.  I did three light coats.

Step 4: Finally Step

After the chairs had dryer overnight we screwed the bases back in and brought then back inside.  

<p>I love the bright colors!</p>
Beautiful job. Shows what careful planning, &quot;elbow grease&quot; and paint can do!

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