Picture of Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition cheats and glitches
This Instructable will show you some cool glitches and some cheats to. I hope you like it please rate and comment nicely. at the end of this Instructable ill show you some of my cars.
Thank you.

Step 1: About the game

Picture of About the game
Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition is a awesome racing game. You can drive the streets do flips and tricks do jumps of lorry and cars. There are many other cool things that you can do like: back flips, front flips wheels and lots more.

There are Log's hidden round the city there are 12 in each city if you collect them then you'll get you something cool. the Logo is in picture 2.

There some special move you can get for certain types of vehicle these are them:

Roar: Muscle cars and Choppers

Agro: SUVs, Trucks, and Luxury Sedans

Zone: Import and Exotic cars, as well as Sportbikes

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You guys should make one midnight club game where you can get out of your car and walk around and also go into stores and buy stuff so kinds like Sims. But better plus there should be police driving around but during cruise mode also. If you decide to pull over if a cop catcher you he can give you a ticket or something. So email me if you like the idea at darkwater2016@gmail.com. p.s. can you make it for the ps2
i have this game for original xbox only remix version one glitch is when you drive off the aircraft carrier just right u hit between (in the corner of) a building add a parking lot dock thing at the right height u end up bak in front of the garage(not w/ new car :( however) and u can do it over and over if with enough skillit is just kinda fun that is all!
Skreetsha6 years ago
I loved every single moment of this game, just like B3TD (Burnout 3 Take Down). I think i like PS2 and PS3 equally.
i kno how to hop big with hydros but i just cant keep the car straight
knex maddo (author) 7 years ago
I believe it is called the factory or something to that effect.
Aprilia Mille Factory
meeeeeee6 years ago
hard to do but hit the side of opponent's car (towards the back) and continuosly turn in that direction. the car should veer off to the side, making him fall behind. also try ramming a bus into a gas station then all the other racers around it will "explode"
meeeeeee6 years ago
its reeeeeeeelly fun to knock cars off bridges and onto the highway. sometimes they land on the cars below and sometimes they flip over and they don't stop.
meeeeeee6 years ago
there is this thing that you can do without losing mutch placing. when your crash meter gets full, normally you crash, then sit there for a few seconds. but if you use zone during a crash it resets you a little faster. same thing when you crash on a sportbike.
Mr. Cowboy6 years ago
Wow. Hate to say this but i didnt like Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. It was good till I got a car then sold my first one... Cant remember which cars but... And by the way, the Chrysler ME 412 to me, looks like a frog. You want a real car(truck):
BBD 2.jpg
bobert6106 years ago
i got like 13 with my saleen....Midnight club 3 FTW!!!
imadogg6 years ago
i seen people on mc3 do a whole bunch of glitches online but the 1 i don't no how 2 do is the 1 when they bounce over big bridges with hydro.can u explain how they do that cause i have no idea?email mi at ellimijito@yahoo.com.
knex maddo (author)  imadogg6 years ago
Could you please send the link. Thanks
spiderman126 years ago
Is it for remix or just dub edition? i have remix.
knex maddo (author)  spiderman126 years ago
I know they works on DUB edition but I'm not sure about remix. But you can try them out reply if they do work. Thanks
knex maddo (author) 7 years ago
knex maddo (author) 7 years ago
I have a model of this car!!!
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No, I mean a model car.
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i no but do u agree it's a cool car altogher game modle real thing whatever.
YES!!! :D
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No, not that I know of.
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GOOD!!!IT'S AWESOME!!! my brother dosn't like it
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