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These are instructions on how to change the door seal on a Miele W1611 Novotronic Front Loader washing machine. I am an electrical engineer and I figured this out myself, copy these steps at your own risk.

Step 1:

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Obviously unplug the power before you start and wait a few minutes for the capacitors to discharge.

On both sides of the lid are small plastic covers. Remove both and undo the screw (Torx bit). Remove them and then reinsert the screw with 1 turn, then push the screw back into the lid. There are slides that these screws tighten into, they hold the lid on.
Gavin F4 months ago

Thank you!!!! Perfect :-)

Just finished successfully replacing the door seal on my Miele W1634 using your instructions. Thank you so much!

Hi there,i'm in the UK and i need to buy a rubber door seal for my Meile w1613(about 7yrs old) and fit it,do you know where i can buy the part for the cheapest price?????Pleeeeeease????Mine has been ripped to shreds???No idea how...but my kids are really bad at leaving stuff in pockets,always had problems with my Meile but i don't know if its the washing machine or the kids????

mikie_121 (author)  marie.shimshon1 year ago
These seals usually break because clothing is left hanging out when the door is closed. While the drum turns it pulls the clothes back in and tears the rubber seal. It's very unlikely that items in the drum can cause damage to the seal.
See if you can find an appliance spare parts store near you. I did a quick google search and found: http://shop.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/miele-door-seals They seem to have genuine and 'compatible' seals that are a bit cheaper.
Hope this helps.

This was sooooo helpful. Thank you VERY much :)

mikie_121 (author)  sigvaldi.j.karason1 year ago

Happy to help!

garybeck1 year ago

This instruction has been extremely helpful. However, getting the new seal back on the drum is another matter! I suspect it will take two people, one to hold half of the seal on the drum while the other half is stretched over the drum. It is like putting a tire back on a wheel.

mikie_121 (author)  garybeck1 year ago
I don't recall having any difficulty with getting the seal back on the drum. Have you loosened the drum retaining ring enough?
Thanks mikie with a little help I was able to install the seal successfully. You saved me $360 installation costs in Canberra Australia.

Hi mikie yes I removed the retaining ring. I'm assuming they sent me the right seal. I'll make another attempt.