Introduction: Mighty Pen Sewing Kit/ Bead Keeper

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With this instructable you will be able to make your own mini sewing kit, seed bead storage, seed keeper.  If you insert seed or beads this could be a gift idea for the gardener or craft's person.  This mighty pen storage could even be used as party favors in a crafter's party or for a seed swap.

Materials needed:
used ball point pens (prefer clear pens so you can see what's inside )
rubbing alcohol

for sewing kit:
cardboard from kleenex box or plastic from 2 liter bottle
2 or 3 sewing needles
2 or 3 pieces of thread.

Step 1: Steps One, Two, Three: Deconstruction

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Step one: Collect a few ball point pens.

Step two: deconstruction.
Hold the tip of the pen and squeeze it. Pull the point away from the body of it.  If the tip is too stubborn, try another pen or use pliers.

Step three: messy pull.  Pull the tip out of the pen.  Pull the ink tube out of the tip.  You might be wearing ink even if the pen ran out of ink.  Grab rubbing alcohol and spill some inside the pen tip.  If you don't then your sewing needles will be inky.

Step 2: Making a Pen Sewing Kit

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Step four: making a pen sewing kit.
Cut a piece of card board or plastic 4 1/2" to about 4 3/4" long by up to 1/8" max.  Slide this piece of cardboard inside the pen's tip.  Slide a threaded needle inside the pen's tip.  Hold the the needle and wrap the thread around both the needle and the cardboard.  Repeat for up to three sewing needles.  This could be great for travelers because it is small enough to fit in a pocket.

This mighty pen can hold small beads or seeds, just sewing needles, a few pins.  Have fun sharing!       

Step 3: Pen As Seed Storage, Bead Keeper

Picture of Pen As Seed Storage, Bead Keeper

The pen, mighty and pocket sized!


cjraabe (author)2012-07-16

Thanks for the clever idea. I'm always looking for easy, cheap storage for crafts. This would also work for small amounts of glass frit for glass fusers.

ravenking (author)cjraabe2012-07-17

Thanks you for the kind comment cjaabe. :)

Kiteman (author)2012-06-23

That's a clever idea!

ravenking (author)Kiteman2012-06-24

Thanks Kiteman. :)

Jason Bedard (author)2012-06-23

Great use for BIC pens. Thanks for sharing this.

ravenking (author)Jason Bedard2012-06-24

Thanks Jason. :)

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