This is a craft designed for masses of elementary school students to do with relatively little adult help.  It was directly inspired by Kiteman's Climbing Gorilla; think of this as the fast, cheap and almost out of control version (250+ made in 3 hours by young people ages 4 to 12).  It was easy to set up and get supplies for, which were about $60 ($20 of which were markers).

Step 1: Assemble Materials and Tools.


Scissors to cut straws and string
Computer to print out original butterfly sheet
Copier or copy store to make multiples of sheet.
(Only for at-home version:  glue gun)


Card stock 
Drinking straws
Transparent tape (not required for at-home glue-gun version)
String (White cotton household string is what I used; kitchen twine is fine; whatever the drugstore down the street from the event has in stock mid-event also turned out to be fine.)

<p>I made it, but I can't get the image to you. The only difference was that I made it out of leather. Not near as quick, but looks nice.</p>
<p>my son-in-law was here and uploaded the picture of mu migrating monarch</p>
<p>You also can make a clinbing kite this way:</p><p>printout this:</p><p><a href="http://up.picr.de/18293616sj.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://up.picr.de/18293616sj.pdf</a></p><p>Cutout both kite-shapes.</p><p>glue the yellow one with the face on cardboard and cut it out again.</p><p>Glue a piece of string as kite-Tail onto the backside (at the bottom corner) of the cardboard kite and then glue on the white kiteshape from the printout.</p><p>Cut two sttraw-pieces forom the length of the dotted-line-rectangles on the kite&acute;s backside and then tape them exactly into the rectangles.</p><p>Tie bows out of thin paper to the tail-string and optional glue two or three more bows to the other corners of the kite.</p><p>Add the pull-strings like shown in the original-instructable.</p>
Hehe, that's great - fun <em>and</em> educational!

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