Migrating Monarch Butterfly

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This is a craft designed for masses of elementary school students to do with relatively little adult help.  It was directly inspired by Kiteman's Climbing Gorilla; think of this as the fast, cheap and almost out of control version (250+ made in 3 hours by young people ages 4 to 12).  It was easy to set up and get supplies for, which were about $60 ($20 of which were markers).
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Step 1: Assemble materials and tools.

Picture of Assemble materials and tools.

Scissors to cut straws and string
Computer to print out original butterfly sheet
Copier or copy store to make multiples of sheet.
(Only for at-home version:  glue gun)


Card stock 
Drinking straws
Transparent tape (not required for at-home glue-gun version)
String (White cotton household string is what I used; kitchen twine is fine; whatever the drugstore down the street from the event has in stock mid-event also turned out to be fine.)

Step 2: Make butterfly

Picture of Make butterfly
I found the single monarch image in a google search.  You could use any image, of course.

I've uploaded the document as you see it here: one side with 6 butterflies, the other with 6 maps of where in Mexico the monarchs come from.

Copy these onto the thickest cardstock you have access to.  If it's too floppy, the toy won't work. 

Alternatively, as I did on the prototype, glue the butterfly to a piece of thin cardboard.  This worked at home, but would have been an added (unbearable) step at the event.

Cut butterflies apart.
Kiteman1 year ago
Hehe, that's great - fun and educational!

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