Step 11: Sculpting the Base

I made a base, since Miis have such big heads that the little feet are not sturdy enough for it to stand on it's own so.  You can use whatever colour you like.
  • Take a fairly large piece of clay and knead the clay for 2 minutes
  • Roll into a ball and press flat (it should be about 0.5-1cm thick)
  • Press the feet of the Mii into the base. Make sure that it is secure and the Mii stands up straight.
<strong><em>Im Gonna Go And Do This Later.......</em> ^-^</strong>
Wait, that's Mii!
You're the second person to say that, I guess it is a popular avatar.
wonderful i'ble. great pix, captions and everything else.
we need to see a photo of you to compare!
Cool, I'd love to see it!
That's totally cute... and it looks just like my mii!! (is that what your mii looks like too?)
Yes, OMG we're twins!
This turned out very well. Kind of reminds me of a project or two that I did a while back. I made a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Dr-Mario-Statue-with-Viruses/">Dr. Mario Statue</a>&nbsp;and a set of <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Action-Figures/">Homemade Action Figures</a> for Christmas presents two years ago.&nbsp; I might try and remember this idea if I get another whim for personalized presents.
they were cool<br>
Yes, I remember seeing them, those are really cool.
do you have a wii
Yes, I do.
Thanks. I think you did an amazing job on your Mii. At first glance it looks like the game graphics.
You did an awesome job on this instructable! Kudos
For better smoothing, I've heard brushing lighter fluid over the surface lightly with a paintbrush is a good technique.
Cool, thanks for the tip!
Ahh! This looks so cool! I think I'll make one for my stepdad for his birthday. Thanks so much!
Thanks! Feel free to post an image of it here when your done.
Very cool, Chrys!
Thanks Cman!
awesome your soooooooooooo cool ChrysN! great job!
This is awesome, I love videogame inspired art. You also reminded me that I bought clay a couple years ago and I never made anything with it.... wonder if I can find it lol.
Very nice! I want a whole family of them around the Wii console...
That would be really cute!
This is rally cute! :D
You are welcome! :D
This is just great! Since you had to lay it down to cook do you still think the armature is necessary?
Yes, you probably could get a way with not using armature but I did find the armature made it easier to maintain the shape of the figurine when your working on it.
Hi, this is really cool, I don't know if you've seen <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ekoala/2638003046/in/photostream/">this</a>, I think to use of plastic parts is smart to give it a nice look.<br>
Cool, the plastic does give it a smoother and glossier finish.

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