Picture of Mike Finger Nails!
13, 9:57 AM.jpg
13, 9:57 AM.jpg
13, 9:57 AM.jpg
While in a drive-in for the new Monsters University movie I decided to make Mike finger nails! This is really simple! You will need... -a blue nail art pen -green nail polish -clear coat nail polish -paper towel
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Step 1: Paper Towel

Picture of Paper Towel
Roll 1-2 paper towel sheets on a flat surface

Step 2: Take Off And Apply

Picture of Take Off And Apply
Use nail polish remover and cotton pads to take off any nail polish on your nail! Then you can apply the green and let it dry totally!

Step 3: Apply Clear And Blue

Picture of Apply Clear And Blue
13, 9:57 AM.jpg
Apply a clear coat and let it dry totally! Then looking at the picture, try to make a mike coming out of the bottom corner! Then let it dry! Thanks!