My 2010 Halloween yard haunt went great!! Over 220 kids !!!. Lots of new props this year. No problems this year unlike 2009. 
Setting is a Toxic Waste Graveyard. 
As you walk up to the house You'll see....
Severed Legs, Hands & Fingers
6' Jason Voorhees Freestander w/ hidden speaker, screams every minute
Creepy Carl ground breaker Animated w/ hidden speaker
Numerous Humorous Gravestones
Aged Wood Grave Crosses
Severed Doll
Toxic Waste Cans
3' Gas Mask Sarah Freestander
8' Real Crypt Liner Coffin
Numerous Rats
Severed Leg w/ Axe
Several Bats
Haunted House Eyes
Fog Machine & Chiller
1 Large Strobe, 4 Small Strobes and numerous Rotating lights
2 Wireless Speakers for the Halloween 2010 Soundtrack
6 Pumpkins...Eddie(Iron Maiden),Gremlin,Gizmo,Cat Tongue,Owl in a tree and a Puking pumpkin

Most of my props are homemade using recycled materials (scrap metal,wood,plastic bottles,paint thinner cans,old motors, old paint etc..) Low cost and Green is the way I like it!
Thanks to all who lent a hand or an Eye! Props to Haunted House Eye Guy!



Creepy! I love it!
Wow this looks great i would like to do my house like this for halloween where did you get the doll and gas mask I like to plan ahead
The gas mask and doll I picked up at a flea market down in Vermont while visiting a friend of mine. What a find. First i found the gas mask and like 3 tables down was the doll. I had to explain it was for Halloween. lol
wow do you mind tellling me where you got the triccyle i am working on a prop that needs something like that
I picked it up at a garage sale. I was gonna repaint it for my friends kid but i kept it the way it was and used it for Halloween. Its just one of those red and white tricycles that was painted black. <br>Good luck<br>
I liked the puking pumpkin best :)
DUDE, YOU SERIOUSLY DECKED THAT PLACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you must be into EXTREME pumpkin carving.
great job ! I really liked the barbie head and shoulders in the garden .....
Thanks a lot. :)

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