Mike's Shadow Chenille





Introduction: Mike's Shadow Chenille

I traced a picture of Mike V, LSU tiger, enlarged the picture, traced that onto graph paper, then typed the pattern in an electronic spreadsheet. I printed the spreadsheet so that I could mark each row as I crocheted. Odd rows were crocheted from right to left, even rows were crocheted from left to right. I crocheted using the filet stitch and Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick with a size J hook. I made two individual afghans (1 purple and 1 yellow) then sewed them together along the tiger outline aligning as much as possible so as to make this afghan reversible. I outlined the purple side with yellow so as to see the shape more easily but I also like the yellow side so that when you hold it up, it's as though you are looking only at a shadow. I then bordered with a row of single crochet with the yellow.



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Wow, that's fantastic! It sounds doable, too- thanks for the detailed info.

This is amazing, just simply amazing! It must have been a lot of work. I rated this one +1.

Even though I live in Ohio... I have to say that's very nicely done. Go Bucks!