Step 12: A Final Word

 Finally if you feel you can master these steps on a daily basis and enjoy the taste, you will start to notice a certain regularity coming back into your life. Furthermore the packages you will be receiving will be wrapped up neat, tight and on schedule. This of course will forestall any need for undue paper work.

<p>Great job! So many people don't take the time to learn about the very machine, our body, that keeps us going every day. Glad there is someone out there who pays attention. Thank you for taking the time to teach others how important this is. :-)</p>
Add in a scoop of chia seeds and you'll be a poop machine! Nothing makes me more regular than chia. And they are so good for you too!
I experience regularity with plain &quot;steel cut&quot; oatmeal.<br>The steel cut looks like cut up seeds and takes 20 minutes to cook.<br>.................<br>AS WITH ALL OATMEAL IT TAKES DAILY USE FOR SEVERAL DAYS TO START TO SEE THE EFFECTS...<br>................<br>I cook four days worth at once and reheat leftovers &quot;stored in the fridge&quot; in the microwave the next three days.<br><br>Just my two cents worth of advice.
is this for real... i mean, is it even edible? Some please tell me you have eaten this ?
I eat this every day
i think that your recipe is going to be an answer to my issues. thanks colon cleansing man!!
Nice 'ible&quot;.&nbsp; I've never used the cayenne pepper, but I do add a handful of Raisin Bran because I like the flavor and texture.<br /><br />Good job!<br />
Kudos on the fecal science euphemisms.&nbsp; This does look like a good recipe too.&nbsp; Personally, I can't stand the texture of oatmeal, but the rest of my family might like this for those days when the mail is late...<br />
If you ever want to sell this I suggest you find a better name :P<br />
More and more, I see it spelled (no, seriously):&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Wa-la!&quot;<br /><br />By people who ought to know better.<br /><br />I thought it was voila', myself. But I've never figured the difference in pronunciation between an a with an&nbsp;<em>accent aigu</em>, and an a with an <em>accent grave</em>.
I never thought about adding cayenne pepper !&nbsp; I try to have a bowl of oatmeal 3-4x a week, I use honey instead of sugar but molasses sounds like a good addition as well. I also like to add dried cranberries to mine.. nice ible.. thank you 4 sharing
Thanks, I'mm gonna try it this weekend. I've been trying to eat larger breakfasts, and this will help.<br /><br />Your pictures made me LOL - <br />

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