Picture of Mike's Urban Farm: Adding Some Hydro Beds
This is my urban farm as it stands. It is usually in flux but right now I have:
- 4 grape tomato plants
- 4 hot pepper plants
- lots of cuttings and transplants
- 1 large basil

My lighting consists of:
- 125W 2700K CFL with reflector wing
- 4-bulb shop light, 128W T8, cool and warm white

For plant food I am using a water soluble fertilizer 24-8-16 and a tomato specific 12-8-16 (Those might be off).

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
You will need:
- two 3-gallon rubber maid bins
- Hole cutting tool ( drill or knife)
- net pots
- rock wool
- 2 air stones
- air hose
- air pump
Drakekay2 years ago
oh I see, that is an always wet system.
mikeghen (author)  Drakekay2 years ago
I propagate cuttings in it so I like that.