Picture of Mike's Urban Farm: Adding Some Hydro Beds
This is my urban farm as it stands. It is usually in flux but right now I have:
- 4 grape tomato plants
- 4 hot pepper plants
- lots of cuttings and transplants
- 1 large basil

My lighting consists of:
- 125W 2700K CFL with reflector wing
- 4-bulb shop light, 128W T8, cool and warm white

For plant food I am using a water soluble fertilizer 24-8-16 and a tomato specific 12-8-16 (Those might be off).
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
You will need:
- two 3-gallon rubber maid bins
- Hole cutting tool ( drill or knife)
- net pots
- rock wool
- 2 air stones
- air hose
- air pump

Step 2: Cut Holes In The Lids For The Net Pots

Picture of Cut Holes In The Lids For The Net Pots
Use your hole cutting tool. Take your time, be neat about it.

Step 3: Prepare The Air Stone

Picture of Prepare The Air Stone
Hook up the air stone to the air line and then connect the other end to the air pump.

Step 4: Add Media And Nutrients

Picture of Add Media And Nutrients
Then you're done!
Drakekay2 years ago
oh I see, that is an always wet system.
mikeghen (author)  Drakekay2 years ago
I propagate cuttings in it so I like that.