Mikey, the robot with vision


can now see how to go home to his charger.

Step 1:

To build a charging station, I used a 6" x 18" piece of aluminum, 6" of 1/4" diameter aluminum rod, three 1/4" x 2 1/2" x .016" springs, two 7/16" x 8 1/2" x .047" springs, a 9 volt dc power supply, 2" wide aluminum duct tape (16 inches) and misc. connectors and hardware.

Add tape to the bottom of the robot.

<p>Thanks for instructions! :) :) </p>
<p>If only it had induction charging. maybe when it becomes more efficient, you can add it in.</p>
<p>Nice Build!</p>
<p>can this be replaced to a wireless charger of sort(contact less)? </p>
<p>Yes, but that adds complexity on driving in and aligning parts and probably increases the cost</p>
<p>Finally a robot that obey all three of Mark Tilden's laws:</p><p>Protect thine ass</p><p>feed thine ass</p><p>look for better real estate</p><p>Robots until now have had a hard time feeding themselves.</p>
Brilliant... Why didn't I think of that idea

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