Mil-Spec PEZ Dispenser





Introduction: Mil-Spec PEZ Dispenser

Build a flashing, remote controlled electro-pneumatic PEZ Dispenser with semi-auto and full-auto capability.

What you need:
1. Sense of humor
2. 1/2 a brain
3. Get fired from your job for having all of the above.

Step 1: Parts List

What I used:
1. Pneumatic cylinders (1-single acting spring return, 1-double acting)
2. MAC solenoid valves (3 way, 5 way)
3. airbrush propellant
4. 2 transistor (FETs)
5. 38khz IR detector
6. TV remote control
7. Controller board (Basic Stamp or Arduino)
8. LED
9. lever switch

Cylinders are from Clippard.

Step 2: Construction and Operation

Items shown in the picture below, by number:
1. single acting spring return cylinder
2. double acting cylinder
3. lever switch
4. string
5. r/c control horn

1. Activate cylinder #1 to pull PEZ head back
2. Control horn depresses switch lever to indicate the weapon is in firing position
3. Activate LED
4. Cycle cylinder #2 to eject one round of ammo...or rectangle...whatever...
5. Turn off LED, release cylinder #1

TV remote causes the output pin of the IR detector to go high. This triggers the BASIC STAMP as indicated in the source code shown in the next step.

Step 3: Basic Stamp (BS2-BOE) Source Code

'* mil-pez.BS2
'* Alan Mollick
' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}
' {$PORT COM5}

INPUT 0 ' IR detector
OUTPUT 3 ' 3-way solenoid
OUTPUT 8 ' 5-way solenoid
INPUT 10 ' head up feedback switch


IF (IN0 = 1) THEN Hold ' wait for TV IR signal

HIGH 4 ' LED = on
HIGH 3 ' 3-way solenoid on, head pulled back

IF (IN10 = 1) THEN Hold10 ' Stay here until switch (pin 1) = low

HIGH 8 ' 5-way solenoid = on
LOW 8 ' 5-way solenoid = off
LOW 3 ' 3-way solenoid = off
LOW 4 ' LED = off



Step 4: Watch and Behold...

Video - Mil-Spec PEZ



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    Now you need to do an instructable on how to modify a semi-automatic pez dispenser, into a full-automatic pez dispenser.

    1 reply

    that would be funny - I'd have to mention that full auto PEZ are illegal in all 50 states

    You need to get this thing fully automatic and to have a larger capacity, say...400 PEZ or so. So you could try to build a spring loaded cartridge... kind of like an Uzi or AK.

    2 replies

    i'd modify one of those huge Darth Vader giant pez dispensers to have a slot so the head doesn't have to come up , a spring loaded firing mechanism to fire them fast and HARD, and a motion sensor to tell it to fire, probably mounted inside the head. TEH ULTIMAT CANDY-BASED WARFARE DEVICE!!!!!

    or meds that go into the other end of your body. just sit on the "dispenser" and boom! you are medicated!

    Do you have any sources for "beginning pneumatics"? I've been looking around, but I haven't found anything that explains what all those things you mention about the cylinders mean (like single-acting). I'd really like to try some of it out, but it's just hard to get started! (Fantastic project btw)

    2 replies

    A 'single-acting' cylinder can push in one direction, and needs an external force (such as a spring) to return the piston to the 'ready' position. A 'double-acting' cylinder has air ports at both ends and a seal around the piston rod, so that it can push either way. Look at the 'Pneumatics' topics here: /

    A mil-spec TV remote? you got docs on that? just kidding, this is the most perfect waste of time I've seen on this site. (-: Props to you.

    Nice. Now you need someone on the recieving end with their mouth open.

    Wow! That's the coolest PEZ ever! Nice thinking!

    HOLY CRAP!! that is awesome :p wooooooooooooot!